Date: 26th February 2009 at 4:40pm
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Did anyone catch what Zamora was saying the other 2 games?

I`m not sure what he has to moan at us for to be honest 21 games without a goal and getting paId for it, Erik Nevland can`t believe it! I know Bobby does a lot of work for the team but I get annoyed that he doesn`t challenge in the air more! For such a big lad he doesn`t half pull out of some challenges.

Here`s his record since at Fulham goal scoring wise:-

West Brom

Nice set of teams there Bob.

Next time you score don`t take it out on the boo boys they have a right to boo your bellow par performances!

Any thoughts?


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  • meh, it’s no big deal in my opinion… i’m sure no one likes getting booed, and he’s lashing out a bit… as his goals continue to go in, he won’t remember it much, and i doubt the fans will remember the drought much either… he just got a huge monkey off his back now that the goals are going in, but the last thing we need to do is get raw about him booing us back…

  • Who is booing Zamora when he works so hard. As for cheering for Nevland…how many chances did he miss inthe first half against Swansea….loads I saw.

  • this article really does not support my views i’m afraid. yes, he hasnt been up to scratch goals wise….but that is the lack of confidence. and even with the lack of confidence, he worked his socks off. we should get behind our players, no matter what!!

  • What’s he going on about? Zamora has been supported by us at the games throughout, when he made a complete hash of a great chance against Portsmouth the fans just couldn’t believe it at that stage and there were groans around the ground. Even then a bunch of us were shouting encouragement for him. He then got subbed for Nevland who scored two goals for us and we win. Hodgson said Z needed to come off after that miss. Zamora has been supported brilliantly by the fans I think.

  • I accept everything said just a lil annoyed, hope i dont offend anyone but ive been informed by someone at the game that he shouted something along the lines of “you stupid C&*ts” And that was towards the family end. I just think that he needs to control it, really respect his effort but im not the first one 2 have moaned about him. Im not sure what end some of you lot have been sitting in this year but around me people just cant make there minds up! Some see the young enthiusiatic boy that scored hatfuls for Brighton and others see the non scoring aspect. Sorry if anyone disagrees = i wasnt setting out to destroy his confidence but 30k a week would be enough for me!

  • ive just been reading the messageboard, firstly i would like to mention i have not once booed a fulham player ever – not even those that have left the club after good service i.e. Louis Saha who practically promoted us and Luis Boa Morte. Secondly on the messageboard somebody made a comment which was directed at bobby basically saying he can fire abuse into the crowd at 100 people and hit everyone but in actual fact only 5 are his intended target. Just brainless from him and from the booers there not real fans truly there not!

  • whats all this about Zamora comments – what was said or can i have a link to any articles explaining the events!? As far as im concerned BZam puts has a great work rate and like Roy said, his hold up and team play have given us a great number of goals this season (even if it wasnt he himself that scored em) so although he misses the odd sitter and ducks out of the odd 50-50 arial challenge i think someone whos ability has been doubted by fans pretty much throughout his career deserves a bit of support in order to boost his confidence as opposed to diminish it – as for Fulham7 – mustv been damned hard not to boo the likes of the £11.50 Marlet!

  • alright jus read through the message boards and re-watched the highlights… Stupid Stupid thing to attack the fans, i just really hope that he doesnt have another dry spell else the boo boys will come back with a vengeance which i believe will effectively end his future at the club

  • people pay good money to go watch the game,so they can boo if they want,but they aint real supporters,,it makes me cringe actually,he gives 100% or roy wouldnt play him,so i can understand him being frustrated at getting booed,but if he has something to say to the fans he should b a pro and talk with his feet,the team is doin awsome this season,,so we should all get behind them,no matter what

  • whiteaussie exactly, be cleaver about it. He doesnt actually have to do anything atall just not react. Im just not sure hes got any brain cells. No i didnt boo marlet because at the end of the day he was paid to do something he clearly just wasnt good enough at but players can only do the best of there abilty. Its like booing zamoran because he hasnt scored 40 goals like Ronaldo what would be the point he doesnt have the ability Ronaldo does. Im just ashamed at the way Zamora reacted. Read the messageboards its a split opinion

  • i agree, just like to say i have never boo’ed Zamora and have no intention of doing so, i do not believe his celebration to be a deliberate attack on the fans either – i jus think that everyones looking into it a bit too much – the lad suffered much ridicule from the media, etc so to get the goals mustv been pure elation for him. I think it was more a case of him meaning ‘this is what i can do if you give me the chance’ than a ‘f*** off im bigger than fulham’, he just struggled to convey that in his moment of glory… 😛

  • All good points but he really does need to score more than the odd tap in from a few yards… but he does work hard and we shouldn’t boo that… keep up the hard work Bobatov!

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