Date: 31st March 2009 at 4:51pm
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After, on Saturday, witnessing Jari Litmanen taking Wales apart with a remarkable display of passing, sat just behind the front players, the question just had to be asked.

The player was on our books last season having been signed by Roy Hodgson to give a struggling squad some much needed class and experience.

Unfortunately, a series of injuries prevented Jari from pulling on the famous shirt and he was subsequently released last summer.

Therefore, on the back of that display on Saturday, we wanted to know if you thought Fulham may have acted a bit rashly in letting him go.

The results were as follows,

94% thought Fulham were and that we should have retained him.

2% thought we were right to let him go.

1% couldn`t make their minds up


3% simply, like me, thought he was too old for the Premier League.


15 Replies to “Fulham – Your Views on Litmanen!”

  • Following his Performance for Finland – Should We Have Hung on to Litmanen?
    Poll date: 29 Mar 2009
    Suggested by: putney
    Yes! (94%)
    He’s Too Old! (3%)
    No! (2%)
    Not Sure! (1%)

    As recorded in the Vital Vaults 🙂

  • Rubbish, we were quite right getting rid of him. He was a back up player that we brought in who just sat on the treatment table, got off it in order to play an international game and then promptly got back onto said treatment table.

  • Sometimes the older player can still do the business provided they’re not asked to do to much running. Gary Mcallister was a prime example of this, as was Didi Hamman last season at ManCity. Unfortunatley for Fulham Jari was always injured, so no manager could justify taking the risk on paying his wages, and he’s come good elsewhere. Then again, I don’t reckon the Welsh national team would be overly competitive in the Premier League, so horses for courses I guess.

  • I reckon his wife/mother/dentist and the entire population of his home town have become Vital Fulham members. One good international performance doesn’t warrant a contract in the prem.

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