Date: 24th March 2009 at 4:27pm
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Following the 2-0 demolition of Manchester United (it`s amazing how things get exaggerated in such a short space of time) we just had to open that old can of worms again.

Previously we`ve flirted with the possibility of Fulham being involved in Europe next season but now, that 2-0 win, has given us renewed optimism with several of those associated with Fulham also joining in the suggestion that qualification could be on the cards.

Therefore, with the UEFA Cup scheduled to be revamped into a new style Europa League, we just had to ask whether you believed Fulham would qualify and the results proved to be very interesting.

38% of you believed that we`d just miss out whilst a further 10% felt that we wouldn`t qualify that it`d be a bridge too far for this season, or as we`ll suggest for the purpose of this poll, the negative response.

Continuing on the dark side, with the negative thoughts, a further 20%, including myself, voted for the option that suggested it would bring unnecessary complications, clearly believing that if bigger (in terms of playing staff) clubs like Aston Villa and Tottenham) can`t cope then what chance have little old Fulham.

But there are people out there who are just dying to see the name of Fulham associated with European competition. Just under a third of you, 32% went for the positive option. Fair play to you all!

All that remains to be seen is whether the season ends in a flourish or just fritters out!


7 Replies to “Fulham – Your Views on Europe!”

  • i just don’t know if we have the riches to boslter our squad. it’s small as it is right now, and if we’re in europe next year, we’ll really need to add to the squad.

  • Still a lot of work to be done in order to qualify. If we did qualify, I would approach it in the same manner as if we didn’t. Bolster the squad for the Prem, focus on the Prem, and do the best we can in Europe with what we have without over using the starters. If we crash out, so what! If we progress into the later rounds and have steady footing in the league, then use the starters more and push for the glory.

  • europe’s to much for us right now, as woodysweats said, we diffently need to add to our squad in the summer, top 10 finish is good enough 🙂

  • there are negatives and positives for europe. but surely going to craven cottage to watch us face europes elite is all part of the fun!!

  • am keeping a bit of cash aside incase so can go to an away game – would be good for the club in terms of bringing in new talent as foreign players will see we arent just a bottom table team but at the same time the squad is a little thin, so would need to bolster it in the summer

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