Date: 3rd April 2009 at 4:22pm
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According to a report in The Sun, Fulham are tracking a young goalkeeper.

He`s seventeen years of age and played a prominent role in the recent African Cup of Nations for U17`s.

He`s Algerian and the name we should be looking out for is Abdenour Merzouki.

Apart from that we know very little.


11 Replies to “Fulham – Young Keeper on the Horizon!”

  • Again, it’s good to see Roy looking at youngsters. He really is investing in our youth development, and its good to see!!

  • We have a young keeper by the of Fodringham who has played for Engalnd U 20s why are we looking at this Algerian? Are we, in fact looking at him? It’s a Sun report, yes?

  • there will always be competition… maybe they’re looking to bring in someone that will challenge fodringham to make him better. plus prospects are never guarenteed, so why not have two prospective goalies instead of one?

  • Aaahhh… Schwarzer will just get better as he approaches 40 and play well into his 60s. We shant need another keeper for about 20 years or so. LOL! I better lay off the hard stuff, right?

  • Haha…interesting idea!! Would a walking stick be a legal accomplice to a goalie?? Or would it give them an unfair advantage??

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