Date: 12th April 2009 at 8:52am
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Now, this article may have no effect on your life. But I recently wrote an article about why other people are Fulham fans and I am grateful for all of your responses. Seeing as I live in Willesden Green I am quite far from Craven Cottage but there are people who live further away. QPR, Arsenal and Chelski are closer to me. None of my family are Fulham fans, so many people are confused as to why I support Fulham.

To say Fulham are the only team I support is a lie. I also support Celtic. My whole family support Celtic and many travel from Northern Ireland every Saturday to watch them play in Scotland. Whilst growing up I only supported Celtic and my first knowledge of Fulham is seeing the Fulham badge at Loftus road when Celtic played QPR in a friendly.

Then a friend of mine wanted to see a football match after going to see QPR (why would you put yourself through that pain) but wanted to see a premiership match. We got tickets for Fulham v Blackburn and Fulham won 2-0. Taking my seats in the Hammersmith stand I even learned some Fulham songs and was singing that day. I went to Fulham on my birthday against West Brom were we thrashed them 6-1 and bought me a Fulham scarf. I became a Fulham fan that day.

Ever since that day, I always watch the Fulham v Blackburn fixture every year since. I have become a regular sitting no where else other than the Hammersmith stand sitting at the top or as far back if its sold out. Singing my heart out at every game, the fact we are a small club with so much tradition and history, players who I believe love playing for Fulham, fans who never stop believing and last but not least, being amongst the rest of the Fulham fans who are just like me.

Your junior Vital Fulham member,



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  • they say the club picks you,not you that picks the club,,its good to hear how we all got picked by the mighty whites

  • Nice speech there whiteaussie 😀 Very true though! They just grew on me, not just the club, but the area as well. But I can also blame the family! 😀

  • thanks alot KB,it wasnt ment to b a speech,,haha,,i blame my brothers and my father,my nieces and nephews blame me

  • yeah mate,ya gotta keep it in the family,no1 in mine follows any other team,i wont let them

  • Ahh, tis a lil different in my family. Only my dads side really enjoy football, but all of them are Fulham through and through!! 😀

  • glad to hear the fandom is swelling… i’ve converted my girlfriend (kind of) and all our little one’s will grow up knowing the year we beat both man u and arsenal at craven cottage!

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