Date: 27th March 2009 at 4:52pm
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The win over Manchester United, last Saturday, before international fixtures disturbed our momentum, has buoyed confidence.

The removal of any threat of relegation has put a smile on all our faces and the prospect of possible Europa League action next season has surfaced.

Therefore, it made sense to post a poll asking where you believed Fulham would finish this season.

Your levels of optimism suggest it`s going to be a wonderful end to the season with 26% suggesting it`ll be 7th and one per cent more, 27%, suggesting it will be 8th.

If I were to be honest, either is much higher than I`d have anticipated back on that hazy day when we kicked off at Hull, back in August, with a defeat.

Indeed, the 20% who went for 9th would, in my eyes be aiming a little high but now, thanks to the work of Roy Hodgson, we all believe 7th, 8th or 9th are possible.

As we go further down the table, the percentages drop away, we have 14% opting for 10th, 6% opting for 11th, 2% opting for 12th, another % going for 13th, a similar figure for 15th and some crazy dudes, 3% who believe we`re going to plummet to 16th.

Own up! Who are you?


7 Replies to “Fulham – Where You Think We’ll Finish!”

  • we aren’t gunna freefall, we may not finish 7th or 8th, but we will have enough in us to get top half. i said 8th i believe.

  • honestly…? 9th. Next season, you will be on course to finish 6th, but get side tracked, win the FA cup, and end up finishing 8th. the season after, you will realise you overspent, Roy Hodgsen will desert you, and join chelsea, and then you will go back to… pretty much where we are… (…all sounds too familiar…)

  • oh, forgot to mention, you will miss out on europe on the final day of the season, by drawing 0-0. unlucky 🙂

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