Date: 15th April 2009 at 9:43am
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Now, we have clearly established that Roy doesn’t particularly want the Europa League to be part of our plans for next season. His reasons are fair, and make perfect sense, but what would our side’s owner, Mohammed Al Fayed, prefer as a result of this seasons hard work. Surely, just surely, he would not want us to miss out on this.

When you look on the financial side of things, there aren’t many reasons why Al Fayed would back Hodgson in wanting to steer clear of Europe. More games with more people attending means a substantially larger amount of funds coming in from gate receipts. More fans means more merchandise sales. And big clashes in the tournament itself could bring in some TV money. Why would Mohammed want to miss out on this?

And that is why I sit here quite bedazzled as to why Roy was allowed to make these comments. Obviously, Hodgson was just speaking his mind, but I can’t see why our Egyptian owner would at all agree with the statement. I agree with Hodgson, don’t get me wrong, but money means players, players mean improvement and improvement could mean a higher league finish yet again.

I thought seeing this argument from a different perspective may be quite interesting. Opinions please…


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  • The problem is that before we get the fans, games and TV money we need to increase the size of the squad.
    Conventional wisdom says that to play in Europe and cope with the extra games you need at least four extra players of Premiership quality on top of any normal recruitment for the squad.

    This coupled with our already small squad means that we would probably need at least six, seven or even eight new players, if you say each player on average would cost between 5-7 million (as an average, some more some less) this means MAF putting his hand in his pocket to the tune of 30 ? 40 million.

    That?s quite a big investment and maybe MAF has already said his doesn?t have the cash. For a small club like Fulham Europe can be a poisoned chalice. I would rather not make Europe and stay in the Prem rather than have a run in Europe and lose our place in the Premiership.

    We all remember Ipswich, ask them if they would rather have had a run in Europe or maintained their top flight status?

  • It’s the same story with Pompey too Oldwolf. It’s proven that it is not good, I was just trying to put a positive spin on things. We could still make a lot of money from Europe without spending millions, just we won’t make it very far! 😀

  • no no no no no wats ta point we need better payers da only way is if we get dat europe spot resulting in better rep for the club its common sense man… (think about it if we have the same team next year nd buy less talented player we might stay the same or go down but whats the point of staying in the region of 10-7 spot when u don’t get anything out of it)

  • i think Roy made these comments in order to put some fans straight and to lower their expectations of a side that narrowly missed relegation last season. That being said though he could also be implying (in saying how we need a bigger squad, etc) to Fayed that, should we make the Europa League, the funds need to be available to bring in the depth that this squad lacks

  • KBFulham don’t get me wrong the mighty whites back in europe would be a sight to behold, I am just concerned that without the backing of MAF’s millions it could prove to be a disaster. I trust Roy completely he has proved without a shadow of a doubt what a class act he is. The best signing MAF ever made.

  • all too true oldwolf… we need to remember that roy knows that we the fans are listening to his words, but that al fayed is listening as well… everything he says may not be as straight forward as it seems… that being said, on a shoestring budget, roy put together a side that went from 17th place, narrowly missing relegation, to the position we are sitting at now, very close to european qualification… i believe he can once again master a transfer window to improve the squad if we do qualify for europe and need more players…

  • I think perhaps the joy has gone out of Europe in recent years. For me, that is not good to see. Money plays a too bigger part in football nowadays! 😀

  • roy is by far the best manager thats bin at the club since mo bought the club,im sure mo would know that and he mite fork some cash out to roy,it could go either way for us,but irecon bring it on,lets see what happens

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