Date: 17th November 2009 at 4:46pm
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Yesterday, I put together a piece for Putney that described a conversation I and a group of mates had down the local public house on Sunday evening.

If you recall we discussed the hypothetical situation of there being no Fulham and who you might decide to give your support to.

The support the article received and the encouragement dispatched in my direction by Putney have led me to offer another scenario.

This time though it was dreamed up in the solitude of my own company as I winced over what television companies believe they are offering the viewer is called entertainment, I`ll leave you to draw your own conclusion there.

Returning to the subject though What If (2), my latest scenario surrounds the possibility of our owner, Mr Al Fayed, deciding to call it a day and sell up to a mega-rich consortium, a consortium (or individual) that, cash-wise, are on a par with the lot who own Manchester City.

Therefore, and here`s the crunch, What If (2) money was no object, would be the first FIVE players you would like to see Fulham Football Club buy?

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