Date: 2nd November 2010 at 4:45pm
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Midweek, even as early as Tuesday, we find that news is very scarce.

In fact I had to look long and hard to uncover this little snippet a sit was buried deep within the bowels of a story related to some fading club from Birmingham who play in claret and blue!

Apparently the interest we showed in Steve Sidwell could be resurrected, Aston Villa, now under the stewardship of Gerrard Houllier, are looking to improve their squad in January with the Frenchman, as the tabloids say, looking to make at least two signings.

But, and here it comes folks, it looks as if Houllier will have to sell before he can buy, hence the possible resurrection of a deal for Sidwell, although I have to say it is purely very weak speculation at this stage.

Personally, I`m not sure that Mark Hughes will be interested. Sidwell has flattered to deceive at his last two ports of call and I reckon the days have passed whereby we should be associated with buying anybodies cast-offs, especially from a club we`re looking to pass on our climb up the table!

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18 Replies to “Fulham – Villa Clear-Out Link!”

  • Fading Club? Sell to buy? Get real! Actually thought highly of your club lately but after reading this stupid article I hope we put you back in your place this weekend! UTV!

  • What planet are you lot on…pleeeeease!

    One good season and you become world beaters? The last 3 seasons 12th, 7th and 17th? as opposed to that rubbish unknown team in Birmingham finishing 6th, 6th and 6th.

  • as far as i know mark hughes generally buys good players so dont know what he wants with him… you can have him for free sure…
    Oh and astvil and denis the first line reads he had to look long and hard for this tiny bit of info… So that would lead me to believe its not from the most reputable media source…

  • Also when you put 2 and 2 together its easy to see, Sidwell is one of 2 fit central midfielders at the club, he is postpoing surgery because he is our only natural choice to play in the middle at the moment alongside Reo-Coker. With Houllier saying he doesn’t want to get rid of anybody but realises we need a lot of numbers in I would be shocked if we sold Sidwell this January, or Carew for that matter. Even though both are no way good enough for our future they are needed in the short term so I think both will be staying but only until when their deals run out in the summer. And well said Denis, Fulham are a poor poor team and only improved under Roy, shame you couldn’t hold onto him. When Schwarzer and Hangelland leave your small club then I will have a smile on my face when you once again fall to the Championship in a few seasons time! Can’t wait to see Ash batter your defense this weekend! UTV!

  • Out chairman has told gh money is available. Falling club? We havent lost at home this season, who are fulham to quote villa?? Sort your own problems out if I were u! U can jump 5 places in one fixture right now, if we beat u again like last season on home soil then roles are reversed! Domt get excited u poor journalist.

  • Well, I think this article had its intended effect. Hook, line and sinker, I’d say. I suspect Hughes would go after Ireland before he went after Sidwell. Of course, we don’t have the money for Ireland, so that’s that!

  • Andrew joyce who the hell do you think you are? Your club arn’t and will never be bigger than aston villa. You are a 15 – 8th club and nothing more so what gives you the right to say we are a failing club when we have just had a good experienced manager come to us and gave us good attacking football and positive ideas to take the club forward. Fulham are nobodies and i had the upmost respect for them and their fans until i saw this, i wont tar all with the same brush but you obviously have a vendetta against our club, i dont no if it’s jeolousy or we have done something to upset you but i hope actually i no we will give you a good hiding this weekend. I will look forward to seeing the response to why we are a failing club and how fulham are better and bigger than us.

  • Villa are predicted to lose 2v0 lol Anythink can happen, I hope we win, we should win! Please win aha UTV

  • “Sell to Buy”

    We need to reduce wages bill, to remain sustainable, to encourage Lerner to invest again.

  • I dont get how we need to sell to buy, all teams get rid of dead wood and thats what the likes of sidwell and carew are dead wood. Prunes!

  • lots of up set villa fans do not juge one book by its cover villa are a far bigger club then us we are a small club that have come along way maybe our editor was just trying to say no club is safe look at great clubs like forest and leeds i have the greatest respect for villa and mr oneal but some coments here are out of norder

  • a lot of upset vila fans here villa are a great club fulham are a very small fish that has swam a long way suronded by bigger fish
    thhis is not the view of fulham fans anot very nice coments from some fans our editor was just makeing his point look at leeds and forest now lets hope villa can strive to still be a great club and fulham can follow them and break the so called big five up a bit

  • I love the fact that you villa boys get so wound up easily! oneil has gone and left you in the dogs do-do! You have lost good players and i think there is a hint of jealousy at man city and spurs! Be thankful you are not in liverpools position! You fear a return back to mid table pre oneil era!

  • Randy is whilling to splash out 45mill to spend on new player over the next 2years, Yeah thats sell to buy. + are young guns :). 3years from now omg cant wait.

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