Date: 1st June 2009 at 5:08pm
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As entrants in the Europa League we`re going to be subjected to an experiment!

Those wonderful chaps at UEFA have decided that in order to try and reduce incidents of goals not being given penalties not being given and to reduce the shirt pulling in the penalty area, they`re going to put officials behind the goals for Europa League matches.

Personally, I think it`s a dumb idea. UEFA struggle to get three decent officials for a match where are they going to find five from?


6 Replies to “Fulham – UEFA Guinea Pigs!”

  • Regarding goals, an official behind the goal is just as likely to make a mistake as the linesman. They might help with the shirt pulling and penalty claims, but in the beginning, I just see more controversy. Specifically with the shirt pulling, the center refs know it goes on, they just generally refuse to call it. It’s not seeing it. It’s enforcing it.

  • Seems like a good idea in principle but I can see a lot of teething problems along the way.

  • an official behind the goal in some of these backwater countries will, as we all know, get pelted with missiles!

  • Haha! Very true. His uniform might look a little more like a riot policemans than an officials.

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