Date: 9th April 2009 at 4:48pm
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Half an hour before I leave; just enough time to continue my series of our very own team. After my frank assessment of our left back, Paul Konchesky, I will swap flanks and share my opinion on our Ghanaian right back, John Pantsil.

Yet again, a very sceptical purchase from our wise gaffer Roy Hodgson. At
around £1.4 million, some people thought it was a silly purchase, as he clearly failed to impress across London At West Ham United. Pantsil far from set East London alight, and the opportunity to sell was pounced upon by the then manager, Alan Curbishley. He was signed in a deal that also in involved our ‘Heskey-esque’ striker, Bobby Zamora for a combined total of £6.3 million.

Has he proven the doubters wrong though? Well, yes and no. He is clearly more competent than most had expected, but he does not come without his bad points. No-one can forget the shocker at West Ham, and the terrible dive against Stoke.

But are they just part of his ‘crazy’ personality, which has personally, grown on me. The pre-match gestures to the fans, the up-beat interviews, all off the pitch, I admit, but it is nice all the same.

On the pitch though, does he let us down, or lift us up. Honestly, as much as it pains me to say it, I think he is a good player. He is good in a tackle, and certainly doesn’t lack pace. His determination is top drawer, and his willingness to play well makes him a beautiful player. But, as it always seems with our full backs, does the odd mistake let us down?

In my humble opinion, it doesn’t. Yes, we could do better, clearly. But do I want better, no. I love him; he has grown on me, and he is a true legend in my book. In Pantsil I trust!


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  • ha… he has won me over as well… i was definitely skeptical and in favor of stoor after watching the euros… but panstil has won his place and earns each next start with each performance. keep him on the pitch! and roy’ll sort out all the messy bits, like the dive and those things.

  • Classy player, Really impressed me, he makes mistakes but no where near as many as Konchesky. Great purchase !

  • i thought stoor would b in front of him in the pecking order,he plays well,got alot of spark,just has to stay on his feet a bit more

  • Stoor really hasn’t impressed me. Granted, he hasn’t had many chances, but when he has got them, he has hardly proven himself!

  • i’d agree. i think if he got a few games under his belt he’d settle down, but john’s not giving him a chance to get those starts.

  • Another super buy by Roy.

    His pre match rituals make me laugh, I think he’s great is old John!

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