Date: 29th April 2009 at 4:54pm
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I realise the extensive gaps between my articles, and for that I am most apologetic, but I am glad to be back, and I will continue to share my opinion on our starting 11.

Next up to face the chop, is our resilient central midfielder Danny Murphy.

This season, Danny Murphy was given the humble honour of club captaincy, an honour which I for one disputed. Having joined the club from Tottenham in 2007, Murphy played an essential role in the middle of the park, helping us to survival in that same season. I think it would be fair of me to say he struck up quite a partnership with Jimmy Bullard, who, together were key to avoiding relegation on that fateful last day.

When 08/09 swung by, Murphy and Bullard still both held their positions in the centre of midfield, without any whispers of replacements. Many though Murphy was too old, a bit weary, and certainly not worthy of captain. And, I am sad to say, I was one of the ones who was quite reluctant to accept him as our captain, but, how opinions do change!

Danny has had a superb season. One of the best passers of the ball I have seen. Constantly tracking back, as well as getting forward and playing key passes as if it were a talent given at birth, and that is one thing that surprises me; He does it with so much ease!

For me to say Murphy has been the key to our midfield is a bold statement, but a true one in my eyes. He has been fantastic for our football club, and I hope he stays a long time.

However, I get the feeling his old legs are going to get the better of him soon. For a captain to be consistently taken off after 80 or so minutes is quite bad, with a new captain having to be appointed towards the end of every match.

And my Vital Fulham friends, that leaves a question to be answered, as always. Should he really be captain?


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  • He’s definitely lost a step, but I was surprised to read in the Opta stats that he’s among the league leaders in tackling efficiency and passing accuracy. Passing I could see, but tackling. He’s not an ideal captain, but I don’t know who would deserve it more than Murphy.

  • that’s the rub… who do you give it to, and can we really strip murphy of the captaincy?

  • He’s done fantastically though his performance levels have dropped recently, probably as he has played non stop this season. Has improved a lot since Hodgson took over.

  • totally agree with all the above comments and do feel that hangeland is fit to replace him as captain should he be dropped, etc. Lets not forget that we have Davies and Hughes who, although i wouldnt personally give captaincy to, are or have been given the honor of leading out their international sides, so they must too have some leadership qualitys

  • he gets my vote to stay on,he has had a great season and has a great work ethic which sets the example for the rest of the squad

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