Date: 12th April 2009 at 8:55am
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The next Fulham player to stand in front of my court of opinions is our Magherafelt born centre back, Aaron Hughes. An unfortunate member of the Sanchez era, in which it seemed half the Northern Irish side were drafted in whilst dirty Sanchez himself tried to fumble together a squad capable of avoiding relegation.

Some say the unsung hero of our defence, others say the weakest link in our otherwise strong back line. Perhaps a middle line should be drawn, reliable, but nothing special. Reliable is good though; Right?

Yes. It is. Mistakes are not part of Hughes’ vocab, which can only be a good thing. Yes, he may not be the best in the air, or the best tackler in the world, but when it comes to it, he can cope. There are faults in his game, don’t get me wrong, but you have to dig deep to find them. You’d be hard pushed to think of a centre back that has made less calamitous mistakes then this guy. Composed is a sublime word to describe our humble centre back.

The way I see it is that our defence is made up of brains, and a beast. Hangeland being the beast, and Hughes being the mightily intelligent brain! Hangeland is dominant in the air, whilst Hughes’ positional play and marking skills are top drawer. Again, not the best, but certainly well capable of being a good Premier League centre back; But that begs the question, surely we can do better?

And again, I can only answer yes to that question. It works well, having a mentally sound player, and a dominant player like Hangeland, but wouldn’t we be better off finding another centre back that can carry out both roles, just like Brede does at the moment?

I will leave that question un-answered, and hopefully let you guys, the loyal support, resolve it.


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  • good artical KB,and good question aswell,we could prob do better,but could do a hell of alot worse aswell,hughes and hengeland seem to have a great understanding together,id b more than happy to keep these 2 together for awhile still

  • My mother told me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Well, as a general rule I ignore this advice, but not this time. I have nothing to say about Aaron Hughes. I would really be interested in signing Tore Reginiussen. How’s that?

  • That’s the way I feel as-well. But if Roy gives us the option of a better player, I would be OK with seeing Aaron dropped to a more ‘backup’ role.

  • As we’ve had such a good season in comparison to the past couple, I always feel a little guilty criticizing the players, and Hughes is such a likable guy that I feel even worse. I think he’s a perfectly decent CD. I’d love for him to stay with Fulham. I just think we can find a better CD to go along with Hangeland.

  • I agree. Roy has it in him to find someone better for a good price, and I am happy for him to do so. I’m not exactly emotionally attached to Hughes. 😀

  • I suppose his future sorta depends on Hangeland and what he does with his career really. Hughes will be more likely to hold a place if Brede goes…

  • Well, well, well FULHAM FOOTBALL CLUB……you did it again! At this rate, Europe could be a major possibilty!

  • You guys are flying!!! If it wasnt for slip ups like Hull at home you would be comfortably 7th. Roy Hodgsons done great

  • that’s the truth. most important is keeping roy. secondly is keeping brede. i wouldn’t be heartbroken if hughes was dropped for someone better. but he’d have to play better than hughes and have the same great understanding with brede that hughes has… Bolster the squad for europe! they’ll be plenty of games to go around…

  • Yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing at least a small rotation system put into place next season. Perhaps we’ll see some youngsters next term!! 😀

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