Date: 21st April 2009 at 4:56pm
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Chairman Mo Big Balls speaks out!

Does this season get any better? You may have heard on the radio, TV or read about our Chairman’s comments about salary caps, wealth distribution, calling the management of English game’s ruling body ‘donkeys’ and ‘dazzled by money’, stag’s testicles and a lunch invite to Premier League chairmen to eat them this morning.

I admit I read the story in Tuesday’s Metro and laughed because on Monday morning they didn’t even give us a column inch instead quoting Gareth Southgate and Boro’s fight for survival after our visit to the Riverside for a point.

It appears that our Chairman said a few things and all of them full of sense. If you had a product and sold it for 10p and saw the middle man sell it for a pound, you might think about re-negotiating the contract after a decade right?

Al-Fayed just wants a rightful split and wants to discuss it with other chairmen.

He claims it is the only way to afford the ever increasing salaries to compete. Otherwise, he suggests lets go the other way and impose a salary cap. Common sense I believe. Just look at the debt of most clubs and what happens when they lose top flight status.

Then the wealthy eccentric goes on to suggest that chairmen of the other clubs go down to Harrods for some stags testicles as people need big balls to talk about such issues and not continue to bury their head in the sand like an osterich, also available at Harrods I guess, but not on Mo’s lunch menu for EPL chairmen. However, it was a less reported part of the comments that caught my eye as he rebutted those made up Evening Standard comments about the club being up for sale.

He said in the Daily Telegraph

‘I own the best club in the world, with the best team and the best fans. If anyone thinks I’m not committed to the game, or to Fulham, they`re wrong. Any so-called expert who wants to say differently is an ignorant idiot. I have nurtured my club lovingly for nearly 12 years, and I don`t plan to give it up. In fact, when have you ever known me to give up on anything?’

No, I haven`t Mo. You tell those ignorant idiots!


11 Replies to “Fulham – The Best Fans in the World”

  • Just like to comment upon the fans of Fulham FC… when Stockport County asked for help in buying their ground back and donations from fans nationwide it was FULHAM FANS who did the most.

    Maybe Fulham fnas still feel a connection to the real game in the country, that of the Football League but whatever the reason please feel the serious amount of goodwill from this part of Cheshire to Londons best club!

    All the best FFC from a ‘nearly on its knees’ again SCFC. Give Mr Al-Fayed a nudge will you. He is welcome up here for a pie and a pint anytime!

  • Similar to the stockport thing, Mo gave York the full gate money from an FA Cup tie a fair few years back. Mo always makes me chuckle!

  • If that doesn’t fill you up with pride there is something wrong with you. Got a little tingly reading that. Its a big change from what I deal with here in Buffalo, with our teams owners always holding the “We’re going to move the team” threat over our heads.

  • Mo is a true legend in every sense of the word! I would love for him to stay on for years to come!

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