Date: 9th March 2009 at 5:02pm
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How can you connect something called fair play with being ugly?

Easy when it`s that damned ‘Fair Play` League.

After being cheated out of a place last year with Manchester City nicking our place on the last day despite one of their players receiving a red card, it appears we`re in pole position to represent England in the draw for a place in the UEFA Cup, or Europa League as it`ll be called next year.

The question is, should we get our hopes up high or will, when it comes to the crux of the matter, be snatched away from us by a ‘bigger` club at the death!

Your thoughts please!


4 Replies to “Fulham – That Damned Word Again!”

  • Haven’t seen an updated table since the end of January. If we finish top, we deserve the UEFA spot, but some how, some way, I don’t think we’ll get it. If you listen to Roy, I don’t even know if we want it.

  • doesnt england have to be selected as a fair play league first?? i thought only 2 countries got extra places…and last year we got it….not sure though….just something i heard….

  • Yeh, I think you’re right. I think three leagues qualify via the UEFA fair play table, then based on that, teams within those leagues are awarded spots based on their position in the that leagues fair play table. So, even if we finished top, it would only matter if the whole league qualified.

  • GUESS who’s behind us… of course MAN City the riches of all. Sumtin tells me ler gonna sneak past us… (under the table cash) lol

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