Date: 24th April 2009 at 4:05pm
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As we approach the end of what has been a fantastic season for Fulham Football Club, questions are constantly being raised about our ‘luck’ in the injury department, and how that has been vital to our success.

The end of the season obviously signals a looming Summer transfer window, and people are already suggesting we focus our spending spree on adding a bit of depth to our, what has been labeled, ‘small’ squad.

But, had the physios not been quite up to scratch, would be quite so well off? This is a question that has inhabited my brain over the past few days, and I think it is about time I answered it! So, how about a diagram of what I would call, our backup 11.

Pascal Zuberbuhler– Nothing special, and pretty fragile at such an age. 2nd tallest Premier League player.

Toni Kallio– Well capable of filling in the role. Good player, but not what I’d call a ‘full back’

Fredrik Stoor– Good player, or at least he was supposed to be! Not proven himself yet, but technically, well capable.

Chris Baird– Can play very well when called upon. Good defender.

Elliot Omozusi – Doesn’t cut it in my eyes. Still young, but not improving!

Julian Gray– Poor!

Zoltan Gera – Very good player. Had a small blip but has proven himself

Olivier Dacourt– Good player. Tough central midfielder, proven himself at Premier League level.

Giles Barnes– Very good player. Technically gifted and probably worth a first team spot.

Erik Nevland – Good player, but more of a wonder sub. I can’t see him claiming a first 11 spot.

Diomansy Kamara– True legend, but again, I’m not sure he will ever truly cut it.

So, from the looks of things, is it that bad? I’m not too sure. That is quite a strong side when you put it into perspective, and it highlights the weaker areas of the team. The midfield looks quite deep, while the strike force and defence seems to lack. I think this team could perhaps get a top half finish in the Championship, but it has clearly proven we need to add something to our side!


9 Replies to “Fulham – Strength in Depth?”

  • I think you’ll get 7th place this year! You are the Genoa of the prem. Spurs are slowly pushing their way up but no worries, we can peg them back this weekend!

  • you better! we need all the help we can get. we also need chelsea to show up against west ham…

  • looking at the listing, let’s be thankful we didn’t pick up many serious injuries this season!

  • Absolutely agree, Al Billy. Though, we should probably hang on to Zuberbuhler just in case there’s a charity basketball game or something.

  • They are all decent back up though if Schwarzer, Hangeland and Murphy all came down with injuries tommorow then the starting XI would start too look weak.

  • Glad you picked up on that Whiteaussie! Without them I fear we wouldn’t be doing quite so well!

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