Date: 23rd April 2009 at 5:03pm
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It is a situation we`ve offered the odd comment or two on before, namely, the future of David Stockdale!

Signed from Darlington it was thought the keeper would be our understudy to Mark Schwarzer learning his trade form the sidelines, well that was until Mr Zuberbuhler pitched up and put more than his fair share of splinters in his backside occupying the bench.

Stockdale went out on loan and most recently has spent time enjoying the adulation that goes with being associated with a title winning team, Leicester City.

Obviously the experience has been well received by the young stopper who is now cheekily suggesting to the local radio station up there,

‘You never know – I might come back next season.”

‘We’ve spoken about it. It would be a nice option and I’d be back in a shot if I could.’

Whatever happened to good old fashioned ambition and trying to make it in the Premier League?


9 Replies to “Fulham – Stockdale Teaser!”

  • good point but I struggle, like putney, to see why we bought him then got the Swiss Army knife bloke!

  • talking of Swiss Army Knife man – how long is his contract for seeing as he’s getting on a bit?

  • hasnt done an awful lot stockdale but then neither did Joe Hart at Shrewsbury till he came to the prem. Keepers can do it at any age theres just no telling when they will “bloom”

  • I think signing Zubi and loaning Stockdale was the right thing. I think if he plays a full season at Leicester then he’d be ready to take over from Schwarzer if he doesnt extend his stay.

  • We should keep hold of Stockdale, but maybe put younger players development first, such as Foderingham.

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