Date: 4th April 2009 at 11:54am
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15:00, Saturday afternoon. Surely the highlight of every football fans week?

But not nowadays!

As a young person, it may seem weird for me to argue about this, but, English football is losing its tradition! I realise TV rights play a major role in this, but there are certain things in football that I feel shouldn’t be shifted and changed week-by-week.

It has a catastrophic affect on fans in some cases, for example, moving a game to Sunday. Can they really expect us to adapt our whole week, just because a sports channel deems it necessary to show a game live?

As a football fan, I am prepared to change my whole week, just to revolve around one match, because I absolutely love it. But, not everybody is as open to change as I am, and the game loses fans because of it.

Gladly, our wonderful club doesn’t seem to have a major problem in that area, but whenever the top 4 come knocking, you can guarantee we will not be playing at the good old time of 15:00 on a Saturday.

Come on football, fight back!


7 Replies to “Fulham – So, Its 17:30 is it?”

  • so bloody true, seriously peeved about all this chopping and changing – could only happen to footy!

  • I’m glad you agree Al Billy. I didn’t want it to upset anyone. It does rattle my cage though!!

  • but some may see it as a neccessary evil to fund the game but I have to admit Setanta’s kick-off times are ludicrous!

  • but very few that suit the true customer of football – the supporters who watch their teams!

  • Yeah, for us. I am complaining about footy as a whole. I think there was a stage this season where Man U didn’t have a 3 Saturday kick off for about 2-3 months!!

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