Date: 4th May 2009 at 4:20pm
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The loss to Chelsea has dented our chances of qualifying for the Europa League.

Wins for Manchester City and Spurs have opened the door for either of those clubs to take the place available.

After the local derby, Roy Hodgson remained philosophical about our chances still commenting,

“Six points could get you in there but that`s a tough ask.

“We`d have to average two points a game for the rest of the season and we haven`t been doing that.”

“We`ll do our best to get it but we`re playing Aston Villa and Everton who are no pushovers.”

“I have had a goal for the last few weeks of finishing in the top ten and I shall retain that.”

“If we`re tenth, I will be happy. If we finish ninth, eighth or seventh, I will be a darned sight happier.”

It certainly keeps the excitement going until the last match of the season doesn`t it?


9 Replies to “Fulham – Six Points Needed?”

  • Too many factors to even speculate at this point. Villa will come after us, but who knows about Newcastle and Everton. Will they even care by the time we get to them? Will we even care? I think he’s right about 6 points, and I think we can do it, but if we can finish the season on 50, I’ll be happy.

  • I think we will get four more points as for some reason i see us losing at Newcastle, only we could do that. Got to bank on our annual 1-0 win over Everton.

  • Wiht the run ins I think you lot are in the best position. Have you heard the pottential fixture list though? Pottentialy 19 extra starting in July! More trouble then it’s worth if you ask me (though maybe that’s becasue we’re gonna miss out 😉

  • after all the work our small squad has put into the season i would personally be gutted if we do not beat our premier league best of 9th place, im content with equalling it at 9th but if spurs overtake us and leave us in 10th i will not be a happy bunny, especially after the poor start they made to the season

  • agreed… i want to reach the highest we have… if we drop out of top ten i’d be gutted… but i do think we have the easiest run in of those around us… while we play aston villa and everton (5 and 6), west ham and tottenham play liverpool (who will be desperate for points) while man city plays manc u (same with them)… oddly enough everton play a huge role in this, as they play us, west ham and tottenham… i may be optomistic, but i think 4 points will see us through on goal differential… and i have a sneaking feeling something about our season will be settled that way, same as it was last year.

  • I reckon we’ll get the six Roy talks about although it may go down to the wire!

  • Putney, you are becoming a pessimist, we can beat Villa at the cottage, we should beat Newcastle at St James ? everybody else has 🙂 and we should definitely beat Everton at the cottage, I make that 9 points and European glory for Roy?s Boys come on you mighty whites.

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