Date: 14th April 2009 at 1:12pm
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Rumours concerning Fulham`s purchase of both Tom Huddlestone and Gareth Bale have been intensifying recently in the press. But would they be good signings?

Huddlestone has recently been described by none other than Fabio Capello as one of England`s most promising young players along with Theo Walcott and Joe Hart. However Huddlestone has fallen out of favour with Redknapp at Spurs and now, since their January signing of Wilson Palacios from Wigan, rarely plays. It seems likely that he will leave the club in the summer, but is Fulham the place for him? From what I have seen of him he does look like a very talented player. And with a bit of nurturing from our conveniently experienced and knowledgeable manager, he could turn into one of England`s finest.

Presumably his purchase would be as a replacement for Jimmy Bullard. But this speculation comes days after Dickson Etuhu, who has filled in for Bullard since his departure in January, scored his first Fulham goal in spectacular fashion against Man City at the weekend. Etuhu has received praise for his mature and accomplished displays alongside Danny Murphy. So do we really need Huddlestone? Huddlestone certainly would provide a more creative and attacking option, which is arguably what we need after a season of solid defending but slightly lacking attacking. But I think that all of this must be put back into the context of our scrape with relegation last season and that if we are to remain in the top flight for a considerable time, we must build a team slowly but surely without constantly updating a squad of able players.

Having said all that, I would welcome them him with open arms in the summer, especially as they would bring some youth to a “mature” side. The combination of unerring experience in Danny Murphy alongside spectacular youth in Tom Huddlestone is a mouthwatering one for any football fan.

As for Gareth Bale, a left-sided player would be useful whether he played in defence or midfield. In the 3-3 draw with us last season he looked very promising with a brilliant combination of pace and technical ability. Again, his youth would do know harm to the team. I fear that it would be Paul Konchesky who would face the axe over Clint Dempsey who yet again proved his goal-scoring threat against Man City. Konchesky has been a solid component in our stalwart defence. But despite his spectacular goal against West Ham his former club, he has been shaky on a few of occasions (Uhum…first day of the season…Hull away…90th minute winner…Uhum).

Whether the future holds European brilliance or mid-table mediocrity for us, both players would be a welcome addition to our squad that, with all its relative success this season with the last, has at times lacked attacking impetus and both of these players would certainly bring that.


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  • Bale seems a good prospect and arguably could do a job at left back or left wing.

    Huddlestone is one im unsure of. He seems to labour around and seems really inconsistent. Doesn’t seem to be a Hodgson player in terms of work ethic.

  • In my opinion the pair of them would be amazing additions to our squad. Bale on the left will give us an extra something, and Huddlestone will give us a creative spark, without lacking the defensive knowledge. It will be great to boast that a player of Etuhu’s quality was only a backup player!

  • Both would be strong signings, though of late I’ve begun to think that we shouldn’t tinker too much with a winning set up. Bale would be a solid replacement or cover for Konchesky, though he is more effective in attack than as a defender. Dempsey has done well at left wing, but his primary value is as a scorer and passer, and I think we could find another spot for him if Bale was brought in at left wing. Huddlestone is a different type of player than Etuhu and I think Roy could find a role for both. If we signed both players, then all we’d need is cover at CB and a young forward prospect, and I’d say our summer shopping would be done.

  • Both will be good buys for you guys. It is not a exaggeration when i say Huddlestone is the best passer of the ball in the league. His passing range is beyond belief as is his quicknesss to pickout a killer pass. Every time he gets the ball, he makes killer passes. He has a very good technique and a very good shot with both feet. But thats about the only the only things he can do. Poor defensivly, very Slow,does not cover ground,One of the worst tacklers ever, often gets cought in possesion and he can be a liability. But i dont thing Harry will sell him though,he is still a raw talent. Bale on the other hand is a younster who has just fallen in love with londen life too much. He is a terriffic terrific talent witha good left foot and has pace and power to burn and does beat people with ease. But he is just not improving though and he needs a change and will surely be sold as Harry is not a fan. But i dont know if you guys can get him unnless you act quickly. Inter milan were linked with him and jose is a big admirer.

  • i think both would be quality pick ups. huddlestone does worry me with his work rate, but i think the rest of the squad would set him straight. i don’t really know how good bale is defensively, but he’s very quick and attacks well… i would love to pick both up, but make them earn the starting places… don’t just through them into the starting line up… also, at some point we’re going to have to accept that murphy’s getting no younger… he’s playing admirably well this year, but as the years add on, can he continue to perform at the level he established for himself this season? huddlestone might be a good investment to take over for danny once that day comes…

  • It’s a good point about the Murphster, he isn’t gunna last forever. I say go for it personally, what is there to lose?

  • Exactly! It’s quality and depth. I’m all for the youth movement, but both these guys could start on opening day with no trouble. Roy may have to massage some egos, but that’s part of the gig for all managers these days.

  • bale cost us 10mil, and it is hard to put a value on hudd….as mentioned above, decribed as the future of the england midfield…..these 2 players wont be leaving WHL in the summer….they have both also been described as the future of tottenham, by redknapp….i would expect huddlestone to now start on sunday after his impressive game against west ham, which lots of spurs fans gave him man of the match for….there young and both on long term contracts. they will progress at spurs and both go on to be top, top players

  • redknapp has said publically that he thinks bale will be the number 1 left back at spurs for years to come, but remember he is only 19, and still very much learning his trade…huddlestone said only yesterday that he wants to play regularly, and preferably at tottenham….redknapp played him against west ham, and im guessing will also play him against newcastle…his future is at spurs. both there futures are. were not in the market this summer to be selling our best prospects and redkapp has also put that on record….wishful thinking im afraid!

  • You have an absolutely massive squad though! Redknapp keeps improving without letting anyone go it seems! I think it could be a busy exit door this summer at Spurs. Not in a bad way, just you will chuck out the backup.

  • I reckon Bale will come to us on a season long loan. As for Huddlestone, we do need some cover in the middle of the park but I can’t see him getting in the side ahead of Murphy who can pick out the final ball and shoot etc. As for Spurs getting rid of players, I think they’ll shed the deadwood like Prince-Boateng, Rocha, Gilberto,Bentley, Dos Santos (who I think will be a quality player in time) and one of Pavlyuchenko or Bent.

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