Date: 22nd June 2010 at 12:51am
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Rumours have been rife about the supposed departure of Roy Hodgson from Fulham FC. Be it to Liverpool or England, the media and bookies alike make it seem an inevitability that Hodgson will not be the man to carry us forward into 2010/11.

The man himself, though, has kept his cards close to his chest. There is no doubt he has a big choice on his hands which houses 3 plausible outcomes; one of which relies completely on the resignation of Fabio Capello from England, which I must say, doesn’t seem all too likely.

He has the option of slugging it out by the Thames (I use that derogatory term with irony I can assure you), taking up the opportunity Liverpool offer him, or, if the scenario were to arise, taking the helm of our proud nation following an abysmally embarrassing resignation from Don Capello.

From the outside it could be suggested that humble Fulham offer little to a manager who clearly possesses a wealth of experience and talent. Without an enormous amount of financial support, it is likely that we will not be surpassing the magnificent 7th place finish of 2009 any time in the near future.

Yet, it is that mediocrity that brings out the best in Sir Roy. I’m sure he would rank last season’s European exploits as one of his greatest achievements, and the press were certainly backing him as one of the greatest managers around.

That kind of ‘underdog support’ from the footballing world cannot be envied by the likes of Liverpool, where expectancy provides pressure and pressure provides problems.

Roy has it easy here at Fulham in that sense. As long as he continues to over-achieve, just slightly, he will be a favourite to not only us Fulham fans, but every football pundit in the land.

To further the argument, the support he receives for constant ‘barrier breaking’ here at the Cottage leads to better opportunities in the future. Assuming for optimism’s sake, England do just fine in the World Cup and Capello is kept a hold of by the FA, Hodgson will want a strong CV in order to show the FA he is the right Englishman for the job when Fabio does eventually leave for pastures new. He will have that here at Fulham, where he has a secure job. A job that we all know he can do well.

Liverpool could, on the other hand, spell problems for Roy’s long-term future plans.

Most have the Liverpool vacancy down as a dream job. A big club in disastrous despair. Such a huge side should, in theory, be easy to rebuild, especially with such applaudable wisdom at the helm.

However, it can be equally argued that Merseyside is no place for Roy, not just because of the accent.

It’s a risk, and I think it is difficult to doubt that. Yes, they are a top team, but they are a top team with financial difficulties, board room bust ups and unrest amongst the ‘oh-so-brilliant’ players.

The passionate Liverpudlian fans will expect the best of Roy. They will want unrivaled success at Anfield which will be difficult to come by given the extreme fiscal benefits that the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City hold over them.

While the job is a big job, it could prove to be the undoing of Hodgson, and I think he knows it. He has security here in Fulham, and the England job is all but in the proverbial bag if he can continue doing just half of what he’s already achieved for us over the coming months and years.

So, as an obvious candidate to be employed as Roy Hodgson’s personal advisor, despite my not-so-obvious biased view, I would suggest to the big man himself, a couple more terms at the Cottage will do him and the Missus the world of good.

Saying that though, if England do muck up and Capello leaves, then best of luck to Roy as England gaffer. He deserves that reward, and if he plays his cards right, he will get it eventually.

Bide your time, mighty one.


7 Replies to “Fulham – Should Hodgson Go?”

  • Of course he should go – England or Liverpool. Life may be easier at Fulham, but any professional aspires to greatness. For Fulham fans, he’s already ‘great’, but for the rest of the footballing world, he’s just a great tactical manager that’s had periodic success with the odd club team and some smaller national teams. In practical terms, Liverpool exist on a different level than Fulham, but in relative terms, the Liverpool situation is not dissimilar than the Fulham situation Roy inherited 2.5 years ago. If he gets the opportunity, he should go and I’ll wish him well. Hate to see him leave and I fear for our future without him, but he’s earned his shot, IMO.

  • I completely understand your point Teddy, as, it is clearly a great opportunity for the big man. Yet, it’s no secret that Roy ultimately wants to end his career with the England job, and I believe taking up the Liverpool post could hinder his progress. As it stands, Roy is the favourite for the national job as he’s proven he is tactically astute and can get the best out of his players. Of course, the Liverpool job offers him time in the limelight that we can’t emulate, but, it’s time in the limelight that could possibly prove fatal. One mistake from him will be echoed a thousand times when under the kind of pressure he’d receive at such a big club. If Hodgson takes the Liverpool job, there are 2 possible outcomes in reality; he could come out smelling of roses and he’ll still be well in contention for the England job, or he’ll come out with egg on his face and possibly finish such an illustrious career on a disastrous low. Obviously, you could argue that he such a good manager that it would be an impossibility for that to happen, but, Rafa Benitez was hardly considered ‘poor’ when he took up the Anfield vacancy. Of course, Benitez hasn’t come out all too badly from his Liverpool affair, with a safe job at Inter Milan, but even if Rafa was English, the FA would steer well clear of him. I would say that would be the case too, if Roy were to underachieve under enormous media and fan scrutiny at Liverpool, and the England job would be all but a distant dream for a man with such gifted talent. If he was younger, and had longer to rebuild after failure, of course I would say ‘go for it’. However, if what he truly wants is to take the England helm, I would play it safe and stick with a job that brings the media attention he will want. He’s English and he over-achieves. What more could the FA need?

  • Are you insane? He is such a good manager to you lot, letting him leave might send you guys back to fighting relegation battles. Should be looking to build on this, maybe in 2-3 years you guys could be fighting a spot in the CL if you do the right amount of squad building in the transfer market.

  • For the England job yes take it and do us proud (Sir) Roy, for the Liverpool job steer well clear, the papers say he’ll be given a £12M war chest, I’m sorry £12M in the prem is a drop in the ocean, that wont buy one decent CL quality player, when you see the likes of Man City talking about spending £40M on one player you realise how out of touch the Liverpool board are, yes I know they say he can keep the money from player sales, but without CL football to offer players how do you attract replacements for those you?ve sold, you?re not going to get players like Torres, Gerard, Mascherano wanting to play Europa League football by choice, stay with Fulham (Sir) Roy and hold out for the England job.

  • There are clearly 2 sides to the argument. It’s nice to get a good ol’ fashioned debate going.

  • how right you are sea my thoughts excatly I thought K B was writeing a book on the subject ha ha only joking KB onl;y joking

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