Date: 3rd May 2010 at 3:59pm
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After the 3-2 win over West Ham it looks like the charge could well be on for tenth place.

Whereas, previously, all eyes were focussed on the Nordbank Arena, (Sir) Roy Hodgson has remarked that it is dangerous to take your foot off the pedal waiting for one match to come around.

Indeed, with each step up the Premier League ladder being very attractive financially, the incentive is there for Fulham to push on at try to get maximum points in their remaining two games against Stoke (Wednesday) and Arsenal (Sunday)

Although the latter might be a touch difficult there`s no reason to throw the towel in and Roy`s words imply that all efforts will continue to be directed towards as high a finish in the Premier League as we possibly can.

‘Although it is difficult in the immediate aftermath of the semi-final against Hamburg to think of anything else but the meeting with Atletico Madrid that lies ahead, we must complete our domestic season.”

‘It is still a very real objective to finish in the top 10 and I believe it is healthy to retain this target.”

‘The remaining matches will play an important part in our mental and physical preparation for the final, so to maintain a winning mentality throughout would certainly be of benefit.’

Looking at the current table, a win against Stoke on Wednesday should suffice in our quest for a top ten finish.

Will we do it?

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5 Replies to “Fulham – Premier League Focus!”

  • 2nd team Fulham vs. 1st team Stoke… 0-0 boooorrrrrre draw! But, maybe we can grab the three points. Personally, I’d rather not take any chances with our 1st team. Just save them for May 12.

  • i don’t disagree with you entirely teddy, but at the same time, what would it do to the players psyche to go from playing two games a week for the entire season, more or less, to sitting on your bum for a week and a half before the most important game of your career and the club’s history? i think zamora should be wrapped in cotton wool, no doubt about it. and players should be rested… if anything, i’d play some of the first string against stoke midweek, especially those that didn’t play in the weekend, to give them a run out, and then a full week’s rest before the final… also, we could go hard after the 3 points to secure a top ten finish that way… and play the second squad against arsenal…

  • quite agree woody could give some of them 45 minute run out in both games me thinks but roy knows best

  • Can’t really argue with any thing Roy does after the way he has managed the squad this season, he has just been outstanding, the fact that after 60 games we are still talking about a top 10 finish and are in a European Cup Final is totaly amazing.

  • I agree Woody, a busy athlete is a good athlete. Let’s keep up the momentum! COYW

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