Date: 16th June 2009 at 5:50pm
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Now that Fulham have finally announced a signing we can close our poll.

Our poll asked you to predict which position Roy would recruit for first.

As it turns out, only 18% were able to read Roy`s mind and opt for the defender option.

The remaining 82% were split between, 39% attacker, 39% midfielder and 4% a keeper.

Our latest poll features on the Kelly signing and asks for your opinion!


3 Replies to “Fulham – Only 18% Guessed Right?”

  • After seeing Roy in action, I knew it would be a defender. Our team is built around strong defense.

  • well done sam… with the myriad of midfielders we were linked to, i thought it’d be the middle of the field that got bolstered…

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