Date: 12th September 2010 at 11:11am
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Mick McCarthy is a character who tends to tell it as he sees it.

Following on from his sides last gasp defeat at Craven Cottage, Mick faced the press and spoke about the incident that saw Bobby Zamora sidelined for several months, remarking,

“Suddenly we are the devil incarnate in the Premiership. We`re far from it. It`s grossly unfair.”

“I was sorry to hear about Bobby Zamora but even Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy said to me it was a fair tackle. It was a good tackle.”

Is he right or has he called it totally wrong?

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15 Replies to “Fulham – McCarthy`s View on That Tackle!”

  • With regards to the tackle, I think what he says is fair enough. But, taking into account the whole game, the chants of ‘Mick McCarthy, what a *****er!’ were completely justified. You can barely call what they played, ‘football’, and as soon as they were aware of how shocking the ref was, they seemed to take every opportunity to shirt pull/kick/generally attack every player we have. I understand that if you’re away from home, you have to be tactically astute and deploy your side in a different way, but, it was disgraceful. If we decided to be truly pedantic, Van Damme’s goal wouldn’t have counted due to a foul on Hangeland, and we would have had a couple of penalties. On top of that, Mick’s claim in his post-match press conference that we made the worst two tackles of the game, is a comment worthy of Mock the Week or any other sarcasm-based TV comedy show. I had a lot of respect for Wolves before this game, but it’s gone out of the window. The only respect I do hold is for their fans, as they’re a great bunch.

  • Well said mate. And I want to mind you all, if a player doing as they say “a fair tackle” but inflicting a bad injury to the other player. Does it count as “fair”?? You can say that it was an “accident” right? But as far as a “fair” tackle goes… it shouldn’t be something that comes out with an injury to others!!!

  • If Mick hadn’t sent his team out ready to rough us up then perhaps Henry wouldn’t even be attempting unnecessary tackles like the one on Bobby. You have to blame the manager for the instructions he gave the players. In most games, as a team that play good passing football, you can carry on trying to play your game and rely on the ref to deal with the thugs…on this occasion the ref and linesmen were absent. On the occasions that I have seen Dowd I have always thought that he was too pally with players and at times controversial. I now believe that he is a liability to the credibility of the game

  • I hope that Wenger watches the game and has a swipe at them, as it seems our manager is not prepared to do so…

  • Oh for gods sake put your dummys away , Bobbys break was how he fell , It was a great tackle and bobby got hurt , If anything it effected us more so , Because a few of our players went off there game when it happened , You won and was the better team , Saying that , Why dont you get a new ground , Its the pokiest ****hole of a ground in the league !!!!

  • The size of our ground is a rather petty and nonsensical point to make, but, in response, Craven Cottage is out home and I think I speak for most of us when I say I’d prefer to stay there. Bobby’s leg break isn’t the thing that upset me most, more the way your team played throughout the game. I have never seen Wolves as a dirty side before yesterday, so I don’t feel this way because of a media influence. Glady though, we, and football, won.

  • Bobby’s break is not the issue with the way the Wolves team played. The tackle that resulted in the break probably wasn’t a foul. The comments here are talking about the cynical, negative, cheating way in which McCarthy and the Wolves players decided to play football. It was disgusting. Phil Dowd was pathetic, how Wolves managed to have only one player sent off is simply beyond me.

  • By the letter of the law, it was a fair tackle, but the result speaks for itself. It was overly aggressive and now we’re without Zamora until next year.

  • Dirty side lol , Oh my life hahahaha

    There was not one dirty tackle in the game and you know , Petty yellow cards was given to us because of how we gave Joey Barton some much needed hard tackles to show him how he got away with it , As soon as we took to the field that pathetic excuse for a Ref booked us every chance he got , the only 2 deserved yellows was for berra’s sending off and neither of them was nasty , just blocks , what about the rought treatment Pantsil gave Jarvis , Your so Biased , Football is a competitve sport , You have some ball players , You give them time on the ball they will hurt you , closing them down is the name of the game , Blues against liverpool Yesterday was no worse than how we played against you , Do you think you have the right not to be tackled , I was on bout your ground as i went yesterday and its the worst ground ive been too for 5 years !!!!! , Great area awful ground !!!

  • Teddy stop talking your arse , He won the ball fair and square , As ive said if a fulham player made that tackle you would have applauded him for showing passion and commitment

  • i don’t think the tackle that broke bobby’s leg was particular unfair or rough… it looked routine… but the yellow cards speak for themselves…

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