Date: 17th May 2009 at 9:22am
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Well, there you have it.

On Saturday the 16th of May 2009, Fulham booked their place for their highest ever league finish in their long history.

Now for me, I have only been a Fulham fan for 4 years so I missed the season we finished 9th. But even a loss to the F.A. Cup finalists next week and Tottenham get a point or more at Anfield will still mean we finish in our highest ever finish position.

If any of our wonderful players read this, I say Congratulations, for making this wonderful, historical and now a strong Fulham squad for achieving something that we dreamed about after probably the home defeat to Sunderland last year.

May this be the big start to maintaining Fulham football club as a team to be feared! May the long runs of not winning be over! May the away matches not be feared no more, but be anticipated. May this football club we love so much have many more records to break.

Congratulations to Roy Hodgson, his backroom staff, the players, Mr Al Fayed and everyone who made this possible.

How the irony when this is what a Mr S*****z aimed for last season. Uncle Roy showed him how it`s done!


15 Replies to “Fulham Make History!”

  • Your pretty much guarenteed 7th really, we haven’t won at your place since ’66, and will no doubt lose 1-0, again.

  • I don’t necessarily expect a win against Everton, but I do expect a Spurs loss at Anfield.

  • We have some good players, but I doubt anyone other than Roy could’ve gotten this kind of performance out of them.

  • Yeah Moyes just to keep to the script they beat us there, we beat them here. it’s worked well for years 😉

  • I so desperately want JP to score a last minute winner which confirms Europe, the celebrations on and off the pitch will be wild!

  • *****ing typical it would be the one season out of the last 14 that i havent had a season ticket. Putting the pennies away for a european trip though! Fingers crossed for next week, we only need a point though i would much rather the 3 😀

  • been an amazing season , really has. Roy is THE best english manager in the league, manager of the season FACT. Putney, I’m really sorry I haven’t been on for, well, too long. I have had alot to deal with being in my first year at uni, etc. i am doing my exams atm and once done i promise i will help you out again. Hope all is well

  • He only seems to score against West Ham aussie so no need to worry, 4 of his 6 league goals this season came in the two games against them.

  • orange_emu – I’m fine, site is growing KBFulham, Jules, Alex and Samboney have all started to contribute as we seek to get amongst the big boys on Vital. I look forward to your return! And good luck with your exams mate.

  • I’m really glad to hear that mate! And thanks KBFulham, Jules, Alex, Samboney and niallydude for helping out putney. last exam today!! so I better get some sleep. look forward to contributing again! Al Billy, how are things going?

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