Date: 2nd April 2009 at 6:45pm
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I cannot think of a better first article other than to look back at this season as a whole and think, ‘wow!’

The words of Jonathan Pearce’s Match of the Day commentary still ring through my ears after the fateful 1-0 win over Portsmouth less than a year back.

‘It hasn’t been pretty; It has been tight, and gut-wrenching, and for Fulham, absolutely delicious.’

‘Danny Murphy will be bathing in sunshine somewhere, and so will they: And bathing in the expectancy of another Premier League season to come. Its smiles for Fulham, and at the end of this long, 10 month slog, it’s tears for Reading and Birmingham.’

Hodgson performed a miracle, and fulfilled what seemed an impossible dream. And yet, he wouldn’t stop there. From any perspective, it is hard to see this current season, 2008-2009, as anything but spectacular.

Written off by almost every critic at the start, with a 2-1 defeat to Hull hardly doing wanders to silence them. But, we have proved them wrong.

This is a club on the up, with a fantastic fan base, a top-drawer manager, and a bunch of persistent and hard-working players. Bundles of superlatives can be thrown at our traditional club, but only one fits the bill. Magical.


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  • Wow, whoever wrote that really knows what they are talking about!! 😀 You were right Putney, it is actually quite fun to write the odd article. I intend to help some more. Cheers for the opportunity!!

  • I was sitting watching the game on my notebook computer sitting on a recliner. When that ball found the back of the net, I jumped up so fast the computer nearly hit the ground. We are staying up! Amazing!

  • I’ve always had a soft for Fulham, and was really worried for you guys last season, but its great to see you pushing for Europe. Its clubs like Fulham that prove that the game has NOT reached the stage where money is everything, and that having a well-run, stable club is the way to progress.

  • It sure is Rob! We are proof of that, and cheers for the compliments…tis good to see quite a few outsiders have a ‘soft spot’ for Fulham!

  • yeah i was talking to a manchester supporter (BOOO!), also from the states, who said that he liked following fulham because you could always find an american on the pitch… mcbride certainly did wonders for americans in england, i’ll tell you that much… and i was in nepal when i found out we stayed up. i couldn’t believe it. i only saw a table, so i had no idea what happened. but it was amazing. i was resigned to us going down. and now we’re in 9th, pushing towards our highest final position ever.

  • Great job KB, this really brought back the buzz of last summer, am not ashamed to admit iv gone a bit tingley!

  • Ohh the memories. that was the most gutwrenching game i have ever watched. but my word What a game!!

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