Date: 4th August 2008 at 12:02pm
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Fulham have told Everton they will need to slash off at least £4 million off their asking price for Andrew Johnson since finding out he has a bad knee problem.

But Everton seem not to budging on the asking price of £12 million!

1. What should Roy do pay the £12 million?

2. Pay the £8 million and the rest with add-on`s if he reaches the number of


3. Leave the Andrew Johnson deal alone?

Your thoughts please!

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17 Replies to “Fulham Issue Everton Ultimatum!”

  • Everton have told fulham they have 48hrs to finish the deal. The injury in question is also an injury everton picked up when they bought him, however they had no problem with insurance or any reservations about signing him.

  • as an american i’ve taken note of fulham for a few years now. johnson would be a good addition; hope you get him.

  • its a bit of needless dilly dallying by you to be honest. you agreed a fee, now pay it. there is no doubt over AJ’s long term fitness, he’s as fit as a fiddle and it didn’t seem to stop him clocking up the kilometres last season. well done everton for digging their heals in.

  • we will wait and see withing the next few hours to see what happens mind u even though this is about a knee injury he did get injured last seaon for a while..

  • Typical Fulham, you’re getting a bit of a reputation for this kind of thing.

    Step 1: Make a big offer for a player.
    Step 2: Announce that you’ve suddenly discovered the player has a past injury (which everyone knew about already) and threaten to drop the fee or pull out.
    Step 3: Send now unsettled player back to his original club.

    Shades of Marlon King anyone?

    One of the many reasons why I hate Fulham.

  • hbkid marlos king is being transferd by wigan to somewhere else shades of u being a hypocrite i belive he has only about 3 years left on his carrear due to a knee injry

  • wise word there al billy fulham one of the nicest clubs goign may not be the best but certainley friendley thats why we were top of the fair league.

  • Although hbkid needs to go crawl under the rock he came out of… this does remind me of the King fiasco a little bit 🙂 if AJ does fall through lets get Gomez in! Now that would be an unbelievable coup!

  • Looks like we’ll sign AJ within the next 24 hours as Everton have agreed to an £8m base fee, potentially rising to £13m on appearances. I’ll be extremely relieved once this goes through!!

  • Hey hbkid, why are you listed as a Fulham fan in the members league if you hate fulham soooooooooo much?

  • pm,g fulfan cymru another wales dan just like me lol awsome aint it lol
    Hbik or whatever hes a load of bolluix

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