Date: 4th April 2009 at 11:46am
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Fourteen days it`s been since we beat Manchester United.

Fourteen days since we reached that mythical 40 point mark against the most unlikely opposition.

International football has blighted our chance to keep any instant momentum going and we have to hope that the players are as mentally switched on as they were during that blistering first forty-five minutes against United.

There`s also the chance that having reached 40 points we could sit back on our laurels and admire what we`ve done.

Both are points that Roy Hodgson touched on in his pre-match press conference, remarking,

“I don`t think the motivation is drained but time will tell.”

“We`ve not played since reaching 40 points so it would be foolish of me to say this can or will not happen.”

“The rest of the coaching staff and I will be working to make sure it doesn`t happen but I won`t sign it in blood.”

“We`ve all been in the game long enough to remember games towards the end of a season where one of the teams taking part isn`t exactly setting the world alight.”

“I don`t think it will come into that category – but had better keep quiet just in case you produce evidence one day and make me look foolish.”

On a personal level, I don`t really care about the game or the performance I`d just be happy to take the three points on offer with a crude deflection, an own goal or a disputed penalty, wouldn`t you?


6 Replies to “Fulham – International Break Blues?”

  • Roy has those skills in abundance too! I would hate to be the gaffer trying to find motivation and inspiration today…..perhaps Al Pacino’s inches speech would do the trick!! 😀

  • I always recall Graham Taylor when he was in charge at Aston Villa and they were 2-0 down to Crewe in the FA Cup, his half time speech consisted simply of “Gentleman, you got us into this mess now I suggest you ****in get us out of it” and just left them in the dressing room!

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