Date: 12th May 2008 at 11:52am
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Last week we ran a short article suggesting there could be an added bonus for the club this week as well as staying up if we beat Portsmouth.

In the UEFA Fair Play League, we were lagging just behind Manchester City as the top English club who hadn`t already qualified for the UEFA Cup. Well yesterday Manchester City had Richard Dunne sent off and Sun Jihai booked, whereas we received no red or yellow cards at all.

Common sense would suggest that would be enough to hoist us above City and give us the chance to sample European football, however, it doesn`t seem to appear to be that simple with other criteria also needing to be taken into account.

A club spokesman had this to say on the matter,

‘It is certainly a possibility that we could be playing in the UEFA Cup.’

‘It is a complicated situation in which administration efficiency is also taken into consideration as well as on-field behaviour but we know we are in a good position and expect to have confirmation from the Premier League early next week.”

‘For now, we have enough to celebrate over staying up but this could be another bonus, although we can’t say more at this stage until all the documentation is in.’

Right, fingers crossed everyone, this could really put us on the map!


14 Replies to “Fulham in UEFA Cup Wait!”

  • If rangers can reach the final we can do the same. So how long til Roy get’s us in to the champions league lol!

  • Also i think it’s nice to be rewarded for being generally nice on and off the pitch i think it’s a good way to encourage players to be good role modals unlike cashley cole or Mascherano

  • You played well yesterday, and seeing your fans jubilation after the game reminded me and my wife, of our celebrations when we stayed up at Wigan a few years ago. Its a horrible few weeks, and staying up is brilliant and a day you’ll never forget. So well done Fulham, your manager and fans deserved to stay up.

  • What ever the verdict is I’ve read somewhere that its going to be annonced 2moz!! If staying up wasn’t good enough! Surely the Red and yellow buts them bellow us?!?! And if administration efficiency is also taken into consideration then surely Man city at their current crisis don’t have a chance?


  • Is that in capitals cos your really angry about it merlin lol! I think because they take into account crowd behaviour they may have to wait for some kind of police report for the match day fans and also player behaviour so perhaps they need to analyse the games for player reactions etc…. I just thought last time we got into the uefa cup we strengthened our squad with none other than steve Marlet…. lets just hope we don’t make that mistake again

  • Im a big Fulham fan and was rooting for you throughout the whole season to stay up, but I think Man City deserves the spot in Europe more than you all. No offence but if you were awarded it I would no longer see the point in the UEFA cup. The CL is supposed to be made up of the best and the UEFA cup “the best of the rest” and Man City have played some brilliant football this campaign, though their performance sunday doesn’t show that 😉 But anyways if you did earn it by fair play then all the best luck next year in Europe. Make England proud, by the way you’ll be bringing in even more money. Thats always good.

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