Date: 18th June 2007 at 6:53pm
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After being foiled in their attempts for the pair from West Bromwich Albion, Fulham have turned their attentions closer to home.

If the rumours are correct, the latest target is the Spurs striker Mido.

Mido, who joined Spurs from Roma at the start of last season, is rumoured to be available for £4 million.

Although the Evening Standard tonight reports that talks are at an advanced stage, there is still thought to be much haggling to do over the supposed price.

Whilst Fulham have, reportedly, a transfer kitty in the region of £10 million available, £4 million for player who didn`t get much first team action last season, seems a little steep.


21 Replies to “Fulham in Hunt for Spurs Ace!”

  • I’ve always liked Mido althugh I was at his debut where he scored two so I may be swayed alot by that. But the season before this just passed he was very effective, and when at 100% is as committed and effective as anybody. He needs a home, despite him doing fairly well overrall with Spurs the nature of how our strikeforce has developed it changed the perspective of Mido in himself, and how fans viewed him. He was also unlucky with injuries this season just paased. But as a first choice elsewhere he is a dangerous and committed player, who will score goals and add more to that with his workrate. Of course he can always be trouble you just never know, but probably worth the risk and I’d say he is a snip at £3m so is £4m too much? Maybe, but I cant see there being too much problem if Fulham have gotten this far without any idea of the price region. If it’s £3.5m I think everybody will be happy.

  • Shouldn’t the title be Fulham in hunt for Spurs flop! When has he ever been an ace? £4mill yes please

  • spurs ace? more like the joker, you are welcome to him for nothing as far as im concerned, he is an embarressment. worth nothing and overrated by anyone who rates him.

  • Spurs ace he is rubbish and lazy cant even keep possession of the ball when he plays I think it was against the Chavs in the FA Cup tie at the Bridge he was completly rubbish. But at least he did score against Wet Spam at the Lane and the scum has well.

  • They probably think hes an ace because of the two flicks he produced for Robbie Keane to smash home in the 4-0 drumming of you lot at the little Cottage.

  • He is a decent player who most of the Spurs supporters were happy that he signed for them last season, he has an attitude problem, get over that and Fulham will have a good striker!

  • Im a season ticket holder for the last 6 years and I think Mido was our key player the season before last (without him we looked very poor up front), potentially a great player but so oftern fails to deliver and not suited to a squad rotation policy. If he goes to Fulham dont be surprised if he scores a fair few goals and his work rate (went on form and not injured) is good. Can see it in a years time if he plays well for Fulham will push for a move to a bigger club. If he signs for Fulham they are getting potentially a very good player!!

  • he has all the attributes to be a great player as was proved in his first full season where without him we wouldnt of got 5th place. However he didnt appear to handle not being top dog and after berbatovs arrival he looks like he gave up the ghost, very rarely made himself avaliable to play, and when he did turn up he had put another stone of weight on. He has appeared so lazy this year, none more so than when we were 3-1 up at the bridge and he was brought on to chase defenders and release some pressure of the back 4, you would of thought he would see this as a chance to win the fans over and secure a historic win, did he? NO he just stood up front and didnt move for any ball. Mido when interested is an exceptional talent can beat most centre back to the ball with his head. But i can never see him settling down at any club. Although his last minute equaliser against arsenal at the emirates could of been historic if he followed it up with his 2nd chance, then i feel the fans would of worhipped him again and he may of put the effort back in. mido needs to feel loved and unfortunatly for him the we have turned sour after a season of him underacheiving

  • Mido …spurs ace?….. ha ha ha ha!#
    Almost as bad as Rasiak…opeless.
    wentworth———– One of the leading goal scorers in championship last season and he missed most f it with injury. Mind you if Fulham buy Mido they wil be a championship team also

  • Don’t worry coz when he bangs a couple in against the Spuds I will be giggling to myself for days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • every body believe me or not i think mido can make some difference he is agood player he just gave up when he became a substitute for berba and this bad season brought him down and he appeared lazy coz he seem dont like to be a substitute all the time and bad luck also played a role when he injured and the chance was complete for berba to prove him self he is not the best now of course at tottenham but can we remember his first season at this time no one couldnt deny he was a talented target man and scored much for spurs and was one of the best players at tottenham i wish they give him a real chance to prove him self go go mido

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