Date: 9th April 2009 at 4:50pm
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While this article is a bit self motivated, I hope it provides advice for all those making their pilgrimage to Craven Cottage.

As I have said in some comments, I will be making the trip across the pond for the Fulham v. Everton match on May 24th.

Here`s the rub: I have no idea what the rules are for attending matches, nor do I know which seats I should try to purchase. So I`m submitting to the mercy of the crowd and taking suggestions.

Information to take into account: I would very much like to wear my replica McBride jersey and my Craven Cottage scarf (which was given to me by my girlfriend as a gift. she`s a keeper (but not a goalkeeper!)). I think that means I cannot attend the match in the neutral seats, but really, why would I want to?

Is there any information that I need to know? Are there sections I should avoid due to sightlines? All information and advice will be welcome.


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  • hammersmith end top of the stand feel what football is all about!
    for the last game of the season i am predicting it will sell out so my best bet is if u deffinetly want to be there you may have to get membership or if you have a cottage card you should be able to use that to not avoid disappointment

  • yeah one of my mates from england has a friend with season tickets, so i’ll probably ask him to pick them up… sounds like hammersmith end’s where i’ll end up… it’s not too rough up there for a couple girls that i’ll be there with, is it?

  • Of course not. As long as they are Fulham fans, they will be well respected. In fact, if they are female, I think they could probably support anybody and get away with it!

  • Just make sure you have a seat in the Hammy end, JH or Riverside. Would not like to sit in Neutral stand in all honesty.

  • Hammersmith end is where the main atmosphere is, followed by the Stevenage road stand. The Riverside is quiet. Hammersmith is behind the goal, Stevenage road is along the side. If you are going for the Stevenage Road and can’t afford the seats in the middle of the stand consider getting seats in Block B as that is nearer the Hammersmith end so you’ll be with the Fulham fans! I sit in Block B and it always has a cracking atmosphere (but I suspect not as good as the Hammy end, but the view is better!)

  • Riverside is incredibly quiet and dull if I may say so! I agree with all comments here, go for JH or the Hammy end if you want atmosphere!

  • well, i got my tickets… waited a bit long though, so i have some restricted view seats in block C, row Q, closer to block B… the 360 view make the views seem ok though, so here’s hoping… i’ll be there, signing as loud as i can when i understand the songs…

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