Date: 18th June 2009 at 4:39pm
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A few weeks ago the suggestion was in the air that the Spurs player, Tom Huddlestone, would make a suitable transfer target for Fulham.

Huddlestone, not a regular in the Spurs starting line up, has developed a reputation as a fantastic passer of the ball and would fit in with the style of football that Roy Hodgson likes to preach.

But any ambitions we may have of landing the player appear to be vanishing with Aston Villa now seen as a more likely destination.

According to gossip in the tabloids, Martin O`Neill and Harry Redknapp are mulling over various deals whereby players would be moving between White Hart Lane and Vila Park.

One such deal would see Huddlestone swapped for Nigel Reo-Coker or form part of a two player deal that would see Ashley Young go to White Hart Lane.

Looks like this is one that will be getting away!


14 Replies to “Fulham – Huddlestone Hopes Non-Existent?”

  • hopefully they can’t reach an agreement… if i were o’neil i’d be hardpressed to let ashley young go…

  • He may be able to pass the ball but last season Fulham showed they are a really good side. Too good in my view for Spuds cast-offs. They’re having to look at swap deals because nobody else thinks the player is worth hard cash.

  • He may not end up at Craven Cottage, but Huddlestone for Reo-Coker… surely not. I think Redknapp knows he could get more for him. Additionally, I can’t see any reason Ashley Young would be sent to Spurs when you could probably send him to a ‘Big Four’ side for much more money, not to mention Young’s own ambition.

  • you must be having a laugh sinbad!…all respect to fulham, you done an amazing job last season (i think it will be a massive ask to do it again, but thats another story)…but huddlestone has more technical ability than anyone at fulham, there is nobody there even near his level of skill.

  • Sindbad just doesn’t understand economics. Despite the bigger clubs throwing money around left and right most clubs don’t have huge amounts of cash. Swap deals are an ideal way of obtaining players without racking up debt. See also, clubs doing business with clubs they have recently done business with (cancelling out debts and the like) and clubs buying back players previously sold.

  • Huddlestone is vastly overrated. Hasn’t got the guile of Murphy or the force and work ethic of Etuhu. I hope to god he doesnt join. The most natural replacement long term for Murphy would be Mark Noble but he is too commited to WHU.

  • alexFFC, huddlestone is far better than murphy and etuhu put together, you talking fart and you know you are!…huddlestone is described by fabio capello as one of 4 young players who are the future of the england team.

  • He doesn’t have a good work ethic, he has no guile, he struggles to get forward, he isn’t a fighter. His only ability is to hit a good long range pass. Where on earth would he fit in to the side? The bench. Roy doesn’t use individual ability, he puts players into a team which is why Murphy/Etuhu works so well.

  • I agree that he’s underachieved, but I still think he’s a good player and would definitely help the squad. And, Murphy is not going to be around forever. Currently, we have no cover for him were he to get injured.

  • “he has no guile”…are you serious! have you watched him play at all? tom isnt just a great long range passer, he also has great vision in and around the box, and plays many a through ball to perfection…the last game he played for us was our 2nd last game of the season, where he set up defoe for the goal, put it on a silver plate for keane who should of burried it, and carved open the man city defence at will… just going to have to agree with fabio capello over you on this one lol

  • He has barely played for Spurs since Redknapp showed up, why do we want Spur’s cast offs. Guile means floating about and popping balls about. Huddlestone is very slow and barely moves-he is no replacement for Murphy and is totally different to Dickson as Huddlestone isn’t a bully type of player.

  • Ahhh, but the passing touch is top-shelf. He’s a perfect replacement for Murphy in that regard. Admittedly, he doesn’t work as hard as Murphy, but nobody’s perfect.

  • alexffc i know what guile means, and it doesn’t mean “floating about”…..seems to me you know big tom prob wont sign for fulham (although i would not rule it out, your in europe and he wouldn’t have to move home etc)…huddlestone would bring the technical class and vision that would be of benefit to you….and as for banging on about spurs cast offs….are you forgetting where you got danny murphy from! the player your going on about so much!…kind of ironic.

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