Date: 10th April 2010 at 12:08pm
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What you may well ask!

Well the Bobby is our very own Mr Zamooooooooooooooooora!

I`m afraid how well he is playing one of the big clubs will come knocking at our door and the money will be too much to turn down.

While Roy and Mo won`t want to let him go £20 million would strengthen our humble club and help us stay solvent but we don`t want to end up in the Championship or worse.

So what are our options don`t want to lose him how could we benefit how much is he worth to us priceless me thinks!

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16 Replies to “Fulham – How much is that Bobby in the window?”

  • The bottom line is that we need a goalscorer, if Bobby can keep that up – great. If he leaves, say for 15-20 million, who could we possibly replace him with for that amount of money? Remember that with big pay outs comes big wages- not a route we want to go down

  • I do expect some ‘bigger’ clubs (not ‘big’ clubs) to come calling, but there is NO WAY we would get £20. Let’s not forget we were going to sell him to Hull for £5 last summer. Certainly his stock has risen this season, but I think we might be getting offers in the £8-£10m range. Whether we’ll take them or not will be determined by Zamora. He’s out of contract at the end of next season, so if we’re going to sign him to an extension, it’ll be this summer. If it doesn’t happen this summer, it likely indicates that Zamora wants to test the market, and if that’s the case, we’ll sell him.

  • I agree, but I would expect Zamora to take a look at the offers from other clubs, so if he signs an improved contract, I suspect it’ll be late in the summer. I must say that I’m not convinced Zamora will stay.

  • better to be a big fish in a small pond then sit on someones garden bench lads at fulham all has gone well for him this year at another club it has not. look at jim who at hull say no more

  • about 10 mill do we actually need aj deuce dont think we will get our money back unless he dose a bobby next year

  • about 10 mill do we actually need aj deuce dont think we will get our money back unless he dose a bobby next year

  • I think he would be hard to adjust into other manager’s styles, and it that sense, he becomes a bit safer…

  • £40m for Zamora??? Where’d you hear that? Sorry. I love our team, but we’d be lucky to get £40m for Zamora, Dempsey, Duff, Hangeland, AJ and Schwarzer combined. I think styles go out the window when you’re talking about money. True, Zamora has enjoyed a career renaissance under Hodgson, but you can’t tell me that if a club like Newcastle, for instance, offered Fulham £10 and promised Zamora double his current salary that we wouldn’t go. Of course he would. Couldn’t blame him, either. He’ll be thirty next January. He may be inclined to use this season’s heroics to cash-in. Again, I couldn’t blame him.

  • I have to admit if this seasons efforts mean bobby is sold for more than we bought him, it will be seen as good investment by the likes of mo. AKA jimmy bulls@@t. Selling an older player for more than we got. Although bobby had some issues with a minority of fulham faithful he knows roy gets the best out of him and the attacking play is built around him and aj. He has also looks good due to the extreme work rate and support offered by a very dynamic midfield. He may not get that style at another club and thus look less than average. Finally Roy has stuck to him when many other managers would have looked elsewhere. If roy stays, bobby stays, i think!

  • I read somewhere a few days ago that we have looking at a turkish international striker who’s contract expires this summer. He was valued at about 6 mill but we could get him on a free.

  • buy for 5 or 6 mill fit them to our type of play by the way the 40 mill quote was from our roy who said if wofeburg striker was worth 40 mill so is our bobby after all chris smailing went for 10 mill

  • it’s tough to say… i remember having this conversation over the summer last year… should we let bobby go to hull… at the time i said yes, we can’t get in his way if he wants to leave, although he’d be hard to replace… it’s interesting though isn’t it… are there any young strikers that play in the same manner as bobby? he’s old, but he’s younger than heskey… from bobby’s standpoint, internationally, it might be a good idea to keep playing for roy if he thinks that one day roy will be managing the england squad… i think bobby understands what roy has done for his career and that the attack is through him, which would hopefully lead him to stay, but as teddy said, you can’t begrudge a player over 30 looking for one last payday…

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