Date: 19th March 2009 at 4:51pm
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We have nine games left; we`re almost at the mythical forty point safety mark.

As long as we don`t panic we should be safe, we should be able to carry on onwards and upwards as we prepare for next season.

The only question remaining is how many of those nine games you believe we can win.

We have some hard ones amongst them, notably Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea and we also have some easier games as well, although we`ll refrain from naming and shaming.

But, getting back to the poll we posted, the results, regarding how many games we`ll win between now and the end of the season, look to be very realistic.

In first place, with 32% of the vote was 3 followed up by 26% of the vote believing it would be 4.

From there on the percentages cast tumble dramatically with 17% going for 2, 9% going for all nine (now that would be nice), going for 5, 4% going for 0 (which would give us all kittens, 2% going for 6 and 1% for each of 8 and 7

Nobody amongst you selected the 1 option.

Thanks again for your support.

Our latest poll focuses on the forthcoming fixture against Manchester United.


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