Date: 20th April 2009 at 4:57pm
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No matter what question you ask Roy Hodgson you`ll inevitably get a straight answer, that is the mark of the man.

Today, the Daily Mirror carries a wonderful quote from Roy, obviously in answer to a leading question from a journalist that shows that Roy is perfectly aware of the financial controls he has to operate in at Craven Cottage.

The journalist was obviously enquiring as to whether qualification for the Europa League would result in a massive cash splurge from Mr Al Fayed to which Roy rather quaintly replied,

“This is not the right time to go and ask the owner to put a lot more money into the club – he`s done that already.”

“If we were to get into Europe there`d be no question of me suggesting we need seven or eight top class players and £40 million of investment because I know that`s an unrealistic thing to demand.”

Roy Hodgson, one of the last of a dying breed, the true gentleman in English football.


13 Replies to “Fulham – Hodgson`s Unique Talent!”

  • Rarely do you find someone as technically gifted with the old school, no nonsense mentality of Roy Hodgson. Should our fortunes ever turn and we be sent to the depths of the Championship, I still want Roy to be our manager.

  • Hopefully he’ll do a Fergie and stay on for years. But he won’t fool us with, “I’m gunna retire now” comments!

  • he was just what we needed,and he came when we needed him the most,shame we didnt get him b4 when that stupid sanchez came in

  • Mentioning the dirty one should be banned on our site 🙂 the idiot has been on Radio 5 quite a lot recently and was asked for his “expert opinion” about our game against Man City and he kept going on about Kamara and the fact that he had brought Kamara to the club, that RH hadn’t been playing him and then when he did Kamara produced the performance that kept us up. Implying what a great purchase he’d made… my blood boils everytime the bloke opens his mouth. RH is in a different league as a manager to S*****z

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