Date: 3rd February 2009 at 6:06pm
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No matter how you try and erase it from the memory banks ,our perilous flirtation with relegation last season was an experience we`d all like to forget.

Okay, the day out at Fratton Park and the manner in which we turned relegation into survival was a momentous feeling but, in hindsight, it could have all gone so wrong.

It`s quite ironic then that the very Portsmouth we drew with on that fateful last day are now, according to the tabloids, in a perilous situation.

There are rumours that Tony Adams has been given the dreaded vote of confidence and Roy Hodgson, being the gentleman that he is, has come out in support of Portsmouth and Tony Adam offering the following words of wisdom,

‘I think you’ll find Hull’s plummeting is greater than Pompey’s as their position is nowhere near as precarious as Derby and ours last season when the two teams were virtually cut off already in January.”

‘Teams have to accept the position they are in is reasonably precarious. Two wins or two defeats can make an enormous difference to what is going on in their life and the season.”

‘So my message to Portsmouth would be to keep faith in the work they’re doing with the very many good players they’ve got at the club and they won’t always have the misfortune they had on Saturday.’

I for one would be quite sad to see Pompey get into dire straits, the question is would you?

If so, who would you rather see go down?


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  • Well, I unfortunately do not currently live in or near Fulham. I, in fact, live in Fareham, a small town near Porstmouth. Therefore, I happen to know a ot of Pompey fans. For the stick I get from them alone (despite the fact we beat them 3-1!!) i would personally not be too sad to see them go down, purely for bragging rights. But I agree, they do not deserve to go down.

  • With respect we are awful against you & had we been half the team of last we would have won that match, However we are a shadow of that side & our demise frightens the hell out of us.

  • i wouldn’t mind seeing hull go down, with jimmy leading the collapse… i wonder if roy’s dig at hull was a slight jab at jimmy or not…

  • Not Storagematt it frightens the hell out of YOU.. I am confident Pompey will survive and I think those words from Roy will help Tony.. (who hasn’t been given a vote of confidence or the htree games that have been quoted) Tony Adams has the full backing of Portsmouth FC and the (just) majority of its’ fans..

  • Yea admittedly i love the trip to Fratton Park, i can honestly say that i do not want Portsmouth FC to go down (unless its you or us 😛 )

  • Agree with Chix, it doesn’t frighten the hell out of ‘US’. A vast majority of fans still have the faith. but like most things in life its the vocal minority voice which is heard most… TA will be a great manager for us, he’s well liked in the league, he’s extremely honest and a top guy. The media need to get of our backs, they have instilled all this doom and gloom at the club. Apparrently we were so in the RED that we need to sell ALL our top players….Yet we sold just Diarra (can’t turn down Real Madrid), and Defoe (when a player doesn’t want to stay you can’t make him), and we’ve bought in 5 new players plus made Belhadj a permanent signing….Doesn’t look like we’re in Dire Financial straights to me… PUP!

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