Date: 23rd March 2009 at 5:43pm
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I bet his heart pounded away with pride as his team edged out Manchester United on Saturday.

It`s true to say that we`ve come a long way since he took over and he has the gratitude of all the supporters.

But, a by-product of the win over Manchester United was that we reached that mythical 40 point mark, a mark that should see any relegation fears eased.

It was a point that Roy was pleased to pick up on in his post match interview and it also gave him a chance to get a few things off his chest when he remarked,

“Now we can start thinking about protecting a position in the top10, which would be a magnificent season for us.”

“We`ve been guilty of a bit of extra caution sometimes because we wanted to reach this magical total of 40 points but I`ve never really doubted we`d do it.”

“I`ve not been talking about the fear of relegation because I believe this side is more than capable of staying in the league, although it would be foolish when you`ve got only 31 or 32 points to start shouting – ‘we`re OK no problem` – because that could come back to bite you.”

“You`re better off keeping a low profile because the moment you start shouting from the roof-tops someone sticks something in your mouth and you start to look a bloody fool.”

“But today with 40 points we can be quite confident. We`ve beaten Arsenal here, drawn with Chelsea here, beaten United, and drawn at Liverpool. If a team that can do that isn`t good enough to stay in the league I`m going to be very disappointed.”

As usual Roy has spoken perfect sense and if Phil Brown (Hull City) was, earlier this season, being spoken about as ‘manager of the season` then our Roy should also be mentioned in the same category.

Roy, you`re an absolute diamond!


7 Replies to “Fulham – Hodgson on Reaching 40 Points!”

  • i’m certainly glad to have roy at the helm. he’s the best manager i’ve been witness to, and i’d love to hold on to him for years to come…

  • Manager of the season by a long way – i think Phil Brown does deserve some credit having the balls to carry on their attacking but unattractive football against the likes of the big guns but now that teams have sussed his system hes really starting to struggle – in terms of improvement and tactitian as well as working with what theyv got, call me biased but Roy is the only candidate in my mind

  • phil brown has got nothin on roy,he is alot better at player management and you will never hear him say stupid things like he hopes his players fail drug tests,he is the best manager ive seen at the cottage

  • i’d agree with that. i am young, so i haven’t witnessed everything; but he is the best gaffer i have seen at our helm!

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