Date: 5th May 2009 at 5:07pm
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I`ve got to be honest and open and admit there`s no way I can afford to visit Australia for three friendly games, at the moment I`d have trouble raising the cash to visit the Australian contingent at Earls Court.

But all praise to the club for opting to visit a country most Premier League teams ignore in favour of trips to the Far East and the USA.

Roy Hodgson, when approached by the media about the trip had this to say,

‘I am very pleased that we can announce our early pre-season plans and, although this season is yet to end, I am looking forward to our trip to Australia.”

‘I know that the climate on the Gold Coast, where we will be based, will help enormously with our planning for next season and we have an opportunity to play three teams of quality who I am sure will want to put on good performances against us, which of course is what one hopes will assist the team in both their personal preparations, but also of course collectively.’

It promises to be an interesting experience for all those lucky enough to go.


5 Replies to “Fulham – Hodgson on Pre-Season Trip”

  • haha,everyone down here luvs him,it would b great if some fulham fans came down to enjoy our hospitality,get some chants happening,feel free to let me know if you plan to,the weather wont b to hot for use here in july

  • offer of free lodgings – let’s get that dingy out now lads – it’s a long row!

  • Swing by my side of the pond and pick me up on the way if ya end up going west!

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