Date: 11th March 2009 at 4:25pm
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Although our current priority is to not be sucked into the relegation quagmire, it has to be recognised that it`s no use standing still.

As they perpetually say – time stands still for no one!

Therefore, it`s pleasing to see that Roy Hodgson already has next season in his thoughts. Obviously, if the relegation trap door doesn`t swing invitingly open for us, then plans have to be laid to ensure we continue to progress next season.

To this end, Roy has spoken, to the media, about such matters and the prospect of a meeting to be held to move the club onwards and upwards with Roy commenting,

“To take us to the next step will not be purely down to coaching but also our recruitment to help strengthen the fragile squad we already have.”

“I believe we`ll have a meeting, after which time I`ll be able to tell more.”

To us, this meeting will signify exactly where the club is heading.

We`re no doubt thankful that significant funds have been made available, for the previous two managers, funds that some would say one used wisely and the other frittered away on a misconception that Championship players could flourish in top flight football.

Whether, in these economically challenging times, the board are prepared to release funds to enable Roy to buy a couple of quality players to bolster the starting eleven as well as purchase some squad men to enhance a squad that was depleted in the transfer window, remains to be seen.

It could be a case of speculate to accumulate.

Success, inevitably, brings its own financial rewards and one would hope that, for all his efforts since joining us, Roy is at least given the funds to enhance the end product, namely the team, rather than simply be asked to maintain the current status quo!

Here at Vital Fulham we`d be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.


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  • realistically, even if our number one goal next year is to remain in the premiership, we still need to add to our squad. we have some stop gab solutions that came in on loan, barnes and dacourt, and we’ve had players leave and not replaced. roy has proven that’s he’s pretty shrewd with transfers, so i say trust him with some more money. he did very well bringing in free transfers last summer, why not try that again. i hope that fulham fc and roy have the same ambitions, or it could spell the beginning of the end of gentleman roy as our manager…

  • good article, and i think it is vital that we step up. a small squad like ours will never enjoy the success we have had this season on a regular basis. and, as any club should, we must build on what we have now. teams around us will, so we need to build to an even better extent. it is incredibly important to improve year by year, otherwise we will fall, rather than stay as we are.

  • i think hodgson has done a great job this season,i didnt think he would but fair play to him and fulham

  • we have looked extremely tired of late as the number of games to the size of our squad has begun to shine unwillingly through… would be a big step backwards if we do not manage to aquire some premier league talent to bolster the squad. I feel we need to perhaps replace a benchwarmer or two with some fresh first team material at the very least

  • Consider how lucky we’ve been to NOT have the injury problems other teams have had. Still, the small squad size maybe starting to show. Not sure if you can blame Hull and Blackburn on fatigue, but maybe you can. I respect the lads in the squad and the effort they’ve put in this season, but long-term, we just need more talent (and I don’t mean 30 year old cast-offs from other teams).

  • As you say depends on how the season pans out and what if any funds are made available. You’ve got to admit it’s not been a bad season so far.

  • if the blackburn match shows anything is that we don’t have proper cover in center half. We were linked to Tore Reginiussen previously, and skysports is eluding to his desire to leave and play at fulham. hopefully we can pick up some cover over the summer.

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