Date: 8th March 2009 at 12:48pm
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Sat watching a re-run of the game last night, I couldn`t help but noticing Roy Hodgson on the touchline.

United were winning 4-0 and Roy took a casual glance at hi swatch and looked pained by the fact there was still a considerable amount of time to go.

Therefore, it`s no wonder that Roy, after the game was very complimentary of the opponent, Manchester United.

In fact, Roy has tipped them to march on and win everything in sight this season, remarking,

“Let`s be honest – they are awesome and I certainly would not bet against them winning all five trophies this year.”

“They were magnificent here today, even though I thought for a period we gave as good as we got.”

From a personal point of view I hope they don`t as I feel domination by one club is only bad for the game, however good they might be.


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  • It’s terrible for the game. My love of Fulham is only slightly greater than my hatred for United. Sorry, but I never cheer for them against anyone – English or European! I admire Ferguson and many of his players, but I hate the team as a whole.

  • Samboney your right but dont concern ya self wiv united there time of dominance will end soon and i think abruptly… i dont knw y i just think it will a bit like real madrid no rhyme or reason they have just fallen from grace

  • Only two teams in the world actually make me angry. New York Yankees and Manchester United. At least the Yankees don’t win everything all the time…

  • they dont anger me that much i must say!! they have earned the right to be fair. i hate chelsea more……they just buy everything….including land in FULHAM to build their ground!! c**ks!!

  • I’m more disheartened by the loss to Hull. Sure crashing out to United was rough but we were unlikely to pull off anything more than a draw. The loss to Hull puts them a lot closer to safety and gives the confidence they need to avoid relegation. I was hoping to put a nail in their coffin and instead we threw them a lifeline.

  • Celtic won the lot in 1967 I think. But then again, its not like we’re any closer to achieveing it. There will be some bumps on the waya ahead. And its not like we’re a team full of stars. We still call on O’Shea, Welbeck, Fletcher, an aging Giggs, Scholes, Foster, Johnny Evans and the likes.

  • Don’t worry lads we’ll knock em out in the semi, and Europa will be going down as far as 7th unless Hull beat Arsenal, Chelsea then us.

  • Forever United, you’re right. It’s not a team of all-stars, top to bottom, but it’s not a bunch of overachievers, either. It’s a team of good and great players throughout and the financial power to buy anyone. I give all credit to Ferguson. He’s what makes them great. Still, I can’t root for them – ever!

  • bad for the game? you sound jealous to me. they don’t rely on just money like chelsea do and are playing superb football, fair play to them. without man utd the premier league would be nowhere near as entertaining lets be honest.

  • i’d much prefer man u winning the quint or quad or whatever they’re going to do this year than chesea or man city. but i still can’t root for them, and some, not all, of their fans can be true pompous aholes…

  • GThomas, you’re right, also. It is jealousy to some degree, but I acknowledged that Ferguson is what makes them great. With him at the helm, they’d be good even without the money. That being said, you can’t ignore the fact that they have the money to excercise their ambitions. The gulf in revenue insures that small clubs always have to sell their best players just to keep the lights on, which keeps them struggling to be competitive. Did anyone at Fulham want to see Louis Saha go? Of course not, but we couldn’t turn down the money. Being an ‘also-ran’ in the top-flight is preferable to administration.

  • to put a line under it…..i much prefer man utd to chelsea……they still produce youth and play attractive football….whereas chelsea just buy everything….and play bleak football….money has not been good for the game… makes the strong stronger….and the weaker weaker!!

  • In general, I agree about Chelsea. I don’t like the way they do business either. Though, I didn’t mind the fact that their recent rise to prominence introduced another team into the mix as far as the league race was concerned. I’m from the U.S., so the lack of parity in the EPL is hard to accept. Admittedly, it’s an issue in the European leagues as well. Just different than the American sports leagues where parity is fundamental to the structure. Of course, our leagues have no relegation and promotion, so it’s easy to control.

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