Date: 24th April 2010 at 3:59pm
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As we head towards the end of the season and the handing out of the accolades, I`ve no doubt that (Sir) Roy Hodgson will not be given the ‘Manager of the Year` award.

I`m fairly convinced it`ll go to one of the managers of the so-called big guns, probably he winner of the title.

But, on the eve of our trip to Goodison Park, the Everton manager, David Moyes, has no doubts as to who should get the award, when he coolly remarks,

“For me there`s no question about it, Roy Hodgson is my manager of the year, because of his incredible achievements give the resources he has.”

“I`m a huge admirer of what he has achieved in Europe, and the way he has done it he plays the right way.”

Glad to see someone with some common sense!

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18 Replies to “Fulham – Hodgson Has Another Champion!”

  • If Hodgson is manager of the year (and he should be), Moyes is a close second. Two amazing managers who get their teams to compete at the highest level with limited resources. Frustrating that its always the big four lot who constantly get the accolades

  • Sorry but i just dont think either of them should get it!fulham have done well in europe, but have not been at their best in the league.everton crashed outta europe, and for most of the season have not been give it to harry redknapp or alex mcleish.

  • im not saying that there not great managers!i think they really are!but my point is that that as a manager, they have been outpreformed this season by the likes of redknapp and mcleish.i thought last year, hodgson defo should’ ve got it.

  • If we bring home european title then he should get it. harry has loads of money to throw around and when it goes wrong he runs…no loyalty and integrity…..pompey suffered for short term gains….The scot has been lucky…well see next year…

  • fulham under performed hm I would only agree that had we had all our players fit we might have done better quarter final F A cup
    semi or final europ possable top 10 will do for me me thinks
    coyw sir roy running fulham he should be running the country ha ha

  • harry did not “run” from pompey, he strongly considered staying before the pourtsmouth chairman told him it was better for was only short term becuase pourtsmouth was run so badly, not because of the team harry built.he built the team for something like 32 mil, then it was sold for 82!how is the state there in his fault?!its the people running the club that are to blame.also, he may spend more money, but we are chasing a top four finish, so on the scale of things, i think he has done a better job this season than hodgson!also, id say every team this season has had at least 3 or 4 key injuries!so i really dont think thats an excuse!agree with you so far as he should be running the country tho!couldnt do worse could he?

  • You must be a spud supporter. You are not a top four team and if you do make it will you go as far as Fulham have done? No. You failed last time. You will never be as good as arsenal and you will forever remain bitter. If you are not a spud you must have some wierd thoughts…Roy has done a better job than harry as look at the the cost of the squad and in selling players made a massive profit in smallings. 100,000 two years ago then sold to united for 10 million. harry robbed pompey of 4 players when he left. It was so easy because after the fa cup win, fat contracts were offered and anybody with sense (james and crouch) have stated that they could see things could not last…at least james did not leave the sinking ship. Harry also stabbed pompey twice, remember he left pompey for southampton only to return? Please correct me if im wrong…..has he paid up his taxes….harry just a glorified east end car dealer ha ha ha

  • Yes i am a spurs fan and let me ask you, if we’ ve been in the top four for majority of the season, played like a top four team, and finish in the top four, how are we not a top four team?!so who would you say is the top four team out of city, l’ pool and villa?even everton?and dont forgot, there is a massive gulf between the quality of the CL and the EL!whos to say we cant go far in it?what if people had said that about fulham, who can go all the way to the final and win it!anything can happen.and im really not bitter over arsenal, i actually like them as a footballing team.harry did not “rob” pourtsmouth players, he bought them!in fact, he only bought kaboul to help them!dont forget, were judging his ability to manage a team, not his ability to pay taxes!

  • id personally take playing champions league over winning a cup, much less playing in a final…

  • I would have taken the f a cup over europa but if we are the first team to win it no one can take that away to be the first coyw

  • I would have taken the f a cup over europa but if we are the first team to win it no one can take that away to be the first coyw

  • I would have taken the f a cup over europa but if we are the first team to win it no one can take that away to be the first coyw

  • i think james is well spoken, and makes good points. i don’t agree entirely, as i’m skeptical of ‘Arry, and i think the money he has available to him is an advantage… but they certainly have had a good year. it’s a bit harsh to say that fulham have underperformed this year in the PL, as we’ve never finished higher than 7th… we more often finish in the 12 to 8 range, and if we finish top ten, i can’t complain… right now we’re 12th, with a game in hand… with a win we can move to 10th… to reach the quarters of the FA and the semis of the Europa League on our squad is an accomplishment… ‘Arry has more credentials than Moyes this year, but budgets should be taken into account…

  • cheers woodysweats!I can get where your coming from, with fulham underperforming.perhaps it was a bit harsh, but after the season they had last year, i really was expecting them to stay in and around 8th.but i suppose thats not fair as they probaly set the bar a little too high.its the same with spurs, if we get fourth, would we be expected to get it again?anyway, without a doubt, i will be supporting fulham this thrsday night!hope they go all the way!

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