Date: 13th April 2009 at 8:53am
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Roy Hodgson fears that qualification for Europe next season could be the first step up the ladder towards him being sacked as Fulham manager!

The experienced manager feels that such an achievement would then raise expectations, and if this happened should Fulham not achieve the same next season this would be classed as failure.

As it is Hodgson feels that qualifying for the UEFA Europa League would see Fulham over-achieving, but most wouldn’t view it that way and if similar success wasn’t achieved again: ‘I should be anti things like qualifying for Europe because if you over-achieve people don’t accept it’s an over-achievement,’ Hodgson told the media. ‘At Blackburn I took over a team that had survived by one point in the Premiership and, with exactly the same players, I took them to a European spot.

‘It succeeded in getting me the sack because expectations rose enormously and, when we weren’t in the top six the next year, they decided to get someone else in.’

It seems to be a case of once bitten twice shy for Hodgson, but would this really be the case with him at Fulham as well if this happened. Maybe this is just the way football works these days.

Do you think that expectations would rise to unrealistic proportions should Fulham make it into Europe next season, or is Roy Hodgson worrying unnecessarily?


7 Replies to “Fulham – Hodgson Fears For His Job!”

  • I think he has a right to worry. Football is getting bad these days for gaffers. Saying that though, I don’t think Mo is a silly chairman, he sacks when he has to sack.

  • If anyone connected to the club tried to sack the legend that is RH he would have me to answer to! (and the rest of the fans I reckon)

  • You say that now, but if things backfire badly next season, people may think differently, despite the absolutely superb job he has already done!

  • europe would be VERY taxing on our extremely small squad and could drag us into the relegation battle next year… it would be interesting to see if MAF would open his cheque book if we qualify for europe… obviously every year the goal of the season shouldn’t be to avoid relegation… there needs to be a five year plan or so to establish the club as a top ten team… but from relegation fodder to european competitions coud be too big a jump for the club to handle… i’d hope not, and i trust roy… let’s hope we have long memories when it comes to roy…

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