Date: 12th April 2009 at 8:53am
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I write this to all the people effected by the Hillsborough disaster.

I wasn’t even born when this tragedy occurred but to anyone effected by the disaster I, along with Fulham FC send my condolences.

People who we played against last week, in the away stand probably had relatives and in fact Liverpool’s captain Steven Gerrard lost his cousin in the disaster.

Football as a whole died that day and many stories led people to believe that the people killed had themselves to blame.

But there was also good shed out on that day. Without the disaster to occur, we would not have safety like we do now at football stadiums.

Remember as one window closes, another opens and sheds new light.

I leave you with the words from a famous football song.

“At the end of a storm, is a golden sky, and the sweet silver song of a lark.”

May the 96 people who died rest in peace.

From Fulham Football Club and their Fans.


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