Date: 8th March 2009 at 1:15pm
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Was it just wishful thinking?

Here we are, the morning after the night before, still trying to come to terms with being out-classed and knocked out of the FA Cup by Manchester United when I clicked on the results of the last poll and came across the following.

Apparently, 58% of you thought we`d be in the semi-final draw this evening whereas only 25% of you believed it would be United. Somehow 14% of you were keen to see us delay the agony by snatching a draw and going up to Old Trafford for a replay.

Looks like most of us (58%), including myself, were guilty of letting our hearts rule our heads!


5 Replies to “Fulham – Hearts Over Heads!”

  • it was crazy, and laughable, that you thought you had a chance, they stuffed you. I also laughed when us Swansea fans thought we’d have a chance if we beat you, again, they would have stuffed us.

  • well hopefully we can grab 6 points in the next two matches, and go after man u with reckless abandon at the 40 pt mark when they come back to craven cottage.

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