Date: 30th March 2009 at 5:04pm
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International football, as well as disrupting our domestic game, can also prove to be an unsettling experience for us Fulham supporters.

It provides a platform for journalists to grill players and nurture a few quotes out of them that might, when put into print, unsettle supporters.

Brede Hangeland is away with the Norway squad and has been put under the press spotlight. Naturally, talk of a move to a bigger-club has been a prominent subject with the following quotes emerging,

‘I have never heard anything concrete.”

‘I have been asked about the speculation many times in the past, but it is not worth thinking about something that may not be real.”

‘Besides, it is better to be an important part of a slightly smaller club than to become lost at a big club.”

‘Of course, everyone wants to win trophies. If a big club wanted me to join as one of their three centre-backs, I would consider it, as and when they approached me.’

As you can see, it starts off looking positive but then veers towards the negative.

A little worrying before the possibility of European football slightly eases the fears with Brede remarking,

‘We have a chance of getting into the UEFA Cup, yes, but we are not talking about that within the club.’

‘European football is just not something that is associated with Fulham.’

‘I think most of us will just be happy to stay in the top half.’

So, could the Europa League be enough to placate his ambitions for another season?


11 Replies to “Fulham – Hangeland Mixed Emotions”

  • I sure do hope so!! This has made me think differently about his chances of staying. I am still confident, but now I’m not sure…

  • it will be another worry filled transfer window this summer… i just hope that if he departs, we get adequate replacements. he is crucial to our position in the table.

  • As I’ve said before, if someone comes in with an offer in the neighborhood of 10 mil, he’s gone and that’s fine. Roy will just have to comb northern europe for the next ‘Brede’. I’ll assume he’s gone. If he’s still with Fulham after the summer – bonus.

  • “Besides, it is better to be an important part of a slightly smaller club than to become lost at a big club.” – top bloke! although this is more or less him stating that he wants regular football it shows that he is not just in this game for the money. I am an athiest who is willing to pray that he stays, least it looks like he has his head screwed on

  • I am worried he will go, but Roy and Mo know what they are doing and will push up a good price. And then Roy will work wonders and he’ll find someone even better. 😀

  • I suspect a bigger club will come in with a good offer for him in the summer and we’ll lose him. A real shame but if we get good money for him and Roy manages to find another miracle like Hangeland then fair enough. Players like him don’t grow on trees though so I would still be very worried if he went.

  • To be honest and down to earth….he is second to none. His height is rarely found, and his sheer aerial prowess would be hard to come by in any other centre back that would come to us. Not forgetting his fantastic composure and precise passing. If he goes, we will have a hole, one that can be filled, but not well enough!!

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