Date: 24th March 2009 at 4:50pm
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The Carlos Tevez affair continues to rumble on!

With Fulham, supposedly, amongst the clubs seeking financial re-imbursement from the Hammers, it also seems one of our ex-players is also keen to get what he believes is his just rewards.

Geoff Horsefield was one of the Sheffield United players affected by what many are now seeing as a scam and Geoff, like many others, wants his pound of flesh.

Speaking to the media, Geoff is quoted as saying,

“There are no personal grudges against West Ham from any of the Sheffield United players involved, myself included.”

“But the fact is we lost considerable sums of money as a result of being relegated to the Championship because our wages dropped as a consequence.”

“It is money we feel has been taken away from us and, more importantly, our families. It is nothing personal or about being bitter, but about justice.’

Now whilst I have sympathy with those affected I think Geoff, who I loved as a Fulham player, might be treading on dodgy ground.

It should be pointed out that during the season the Tevez scandal unfurled Geoff only played once for Sheffield United therefore there may well have been a fair chance he`d have been let go if United had of stayed up!


6 Replies to “Fulham – Former Player Seeks Cash Bonus!”

  • i don’t mind us having a pop…but individuals…no matter who…may be takin it a lil bit far…..

  • Geoff has been through enough of late and looking after his family must be top of his mind. Well done Geoff, leaving your talking till the court case though and prove that cheats should never prosper there. You have my full support.

  • west ham settling out of court proves their guilt and they have certainly opened a can of worms

  • Yeh, but West Ham is going to say that it’s Sheffield United’s responsibility to pay the players out of the settlement money. I have to agree.

  • overall, i think its all just a bit silly really…..west ham cheated, and have paid for it….fair do’s!!

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