Date: 23rd June 2008 at 4:40pm
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I`ve yet to be convinced that the signing of Mark Schwarzer, from Middlesbrough, is a step in the right direction.

If you consult the good chaps at Vital Middlesbrough they`ll tell you Schwarer`s form has been in decline in recent years with the Australian having a particularly poor season last year.

Schwarzer though, is off course, excited about the move and in his native Austrlaia had this to say,

“I suppose I’ll be like a new kid at school.’

‘I’m excited about it and it’s something that I really needed to do. I think it’s a great opportunity for me and I’m really looking forward to the challenge. I can’t wait for pre-season to start.’

However, and we`re not sure many people are aware of this, Schwarzer may be absent from the Craven Cottage scene for quite awhile during the early stages of the campaign.

There is a chance that Schwarzer may get a call up for the Olympic Games football tournament as one of the two over age players. Schwarzer, speaking to the media, seemed to be in doubt about which route to take – Olympics or Fulham remarking,

‘The Olympics is an unbelievable event to be part of. I’ve never been part of it before and it would be very difficult to say no.’

‘But Fulham’s pre-season is obviously something that you’ve got to take into consideration, without a doubt, and it’s not an ideal scenario.”

‘Again, I’m not getting too carried away with it, but as it stands at the moment there’s nothing being said (by the Cottagers about the Olympics) and I just go about starting pre-season at Fulham on the 12th of July.”

‘It’s one of those situations that it’s obviously been spoken about in the media quite a bit, with speculation about who the over-age players are going to be, (but) the manager, Graham Arnold, needs to decide on who he’d like to bring in.’

Sorry chaps to dampen any enthusiasm but I`d have preferred to stick with Keller and Niemi!


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  • After watching Schwarzer since he joined us i can safely say you lot are in the **** with him in goal. He is a huge liability and we should have got rid of him years ago – can you please take his clone, Brad Jones, off us too.

  • I disagree.

    Niemi has been constantly injured since he arrived at the club. He’s been an awesome keeper when he’s stayed fit, but we’ve had to do without him for atleast 3 month for the last 3 seasons.

    Keller is now too old for the premiership, but could be a useful back-up.

    With Schwarzer, we’re getting a solid keeper who’s recently had a dip in form due to a lack of motivation. He was linked to other clubs at the start of last season, but stayed and should really have moved. I think he’ll be a quality signing for us and will give us a much needed consistent presence in our defence.

  • I think you’re wrong. Having seen/read about his exploits for Australia since he signed for us I am well happy to have him between the sticks.

  • Peyton, Jossmyth……….dont say i didnt warn you when he cocks up for you, done it for us numerous times. Only just managed to redeem himself in the Carling Cup 2004 final with us…………..only other decent thing he done was the penalty save from Fowler. He is a liablity.

  • Sometimes form dips simply because you’re unhappy in your current siuation. It’s possible that a new club and new location will provide the spark he needs to get back on track. Time will tell. Otherwise we may be in the market for a new no. 1 in the January sales…

  • Stockdale will be a very good keeper, go down to Darlo and Hartlepool when the Boro are away and Stockdale is very impressive.

  • Any Keeper has to rely on the CBs and FBs in front of him. Maybe you Middlesbrough fans should take a look at the rest of the team before whinging about Schwarzer.

  • Yes they do FC……not right though when a 20 year old defender is guiding a 30+ year old keeper through the full 90 minutes. He is a liability and after 10+ years of watching him at the Boro i can say that he wont be missed.

  • If the move sparks a revival in his form then fair enough. You’ll find you have a lot of wondergoals scored against you though, he cant save anything from outside the 18 yard box.

  • Cudicini would be a good signing! Schwarzer is a good keeper, the new challenge at a new club is what he needed. I ahave no doubt he will do well for us!

  • What’s the bet we sell off Niemi and release Keller, leaving us with Stockdale and some 17 yr old. Schwarzer goes off to the Olympics and breaks his wrist or something just like Diop used to do with his international duty? As far as his form is concerned you can’t deny he has talent and he is premiership class lets hope that the move down to london motivates him!

  • He may take time to settle, either way you won’t be in the top half of the league when it matters.

  • I think you would have been much better sticking with Niemi in goal. Schwarzer makes a habit of dropping clangers.

  • well Niemi had a habit of being crap at corners and getting injured all the time, all goalkeepers drop clangers from time to time, look at David James currently thought of as being the best english goalkeeper, and even Cech has the odd dodgy game (although I’m struggling to remember his last one with any clarity) I’m feeling positive about the Scwarzer deal I just do not want him to sod off to the Olympics and break a wrist or something!

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