Date: 6th April 2009 at 4:45pm
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Quite a season we`ve had to date – far different than the previous two relegation-threatened ones.

Here we sit on forty points with seven matches to play, while spending the majority of the season in the top half of the table – circumstances certainly unexpected by most ‘experts` and even by many Fulham fans, including myself.

Despite our improvement and overall success, we still face puzzling and
sometimes infuriating dips in form. We began the season with a disappointing loss to newly promoted Hull, only to defeat Arsenal the very next week. We preceded our first away win versus Bolton and our monumental defeat of Manchester United by dropping consecutive home matches against Hull and Blackburn.

I put no stock in our weekend performance against Liverpool. Simply put, we were overmatched. Liverpool could best be described as tenacious in attack; so much so that we found it hard to catch our breath, much less mount an effective counter attack. Dropping points in stoppage time is always a disappointment, but in point of fact, we deserved nothing from the game.

We now sit in 9th position in relative safety from relegation, but with much work still to do to solidify our position in the top half of the table. Complacency has to be a concern. After all, many of our players have only known relegation battles in their time at Fulham. This relatively comfortable position is a new experience for many. How will they respond?

Man City and Spurs both sit two points behind us. Bolton sits three behind. We have very little room for error. I think full points from Middlesbrough and Stoke are required. Should that not occur, I think we`re in real danger of falling out of the top ten.

How disappointing it would be to capitulate so late in the season.

Will we maintain our top ten position?


13 Replies to “Fulham – Dangerous Times Ahead?”

  • I sure hope so. I have sorta bet with friends that we can get 8th/9th while the best they thought we could do is 11th. I think Roy can find momentum from somewhere and we may just hold on…

  • 11th or lower would be quite demoralising as we were regularly finishing 12th/13th under Coleman. Europe seems too far away as well now.

  • Europe is a foregone conclusion me thinks now….and you make a very good point about the Coleman era!

  • And a decent debut article – like you say, 40 points looks comfortable but we may not get many more unless we buck our ideas up!

  • Thanks. Hope it wasn’t too pessimistic. I guess I’m just having trouble getting my head around this new, successful Fulham.

  • i think this season is a great improvement from last. roy has proved that he is an excellent manager, and worker of the transfer market. i believe we’ll finish in the top ten and with he influence over the next summer, we’ll be challenging for europe next season.

  • Very positive woody, and I hope, very correct too! I am sorta looking forward to summer, and all the excitement of the signings! I just hope Mo gives us some cash!!

  • Need more flair! Ship out Zamora he will only sulk on the bench and you dont need sulkers, the morales good lets not ruin it

  • Credit as well goes to Mo who has been handing out the cheques for the last two seasons to keep us as a Premier League side. I think due to the economy, smart bargain buys might be the answer this summer and one big signing. Such as Blackburn only got Santa Cruz for 3.5 million now he’s worth about £18million.

  • Not sure there are many around now. Bentley sprang to mind when I was watching SSN the other day, with Lennon thieveing his place…

  • The transfer market will be dictated by who goes down. If Newcastle can’t right the ship, I suspect many of their players will be available. I’m also waiting to see what Man City does. I still believe their going to try to recruit the entire Brazilian national team this summer, so they may be inclined to unload a number of their current players.

  • Haha….I would love a few of their youngsters jump ship and join us! Would be very good!

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