Date: 25th March 2009 at 4:50pm
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During the January transfer window we covered the speculation that linked Simon Cox to Craven Cottage.

Nothing came of the rumours that linked him to a move but the young Swindon striker continues to make waves in League One.

Last night, in the away fixture at Northampton, Cox crashed in another hat trick and has now scored more than half the total goals Swindon have scored this season.

Surely worth another look Mr Hodgson?


12 Replies to “Fulham – Cox Continues to Score at Will!”

  • the longer the saga goes on, the better the lad gets it seems. to begin with i was sceptical, now, tis worth a punt!

  • It’s all about the price. We don’t have luxury of paying through the nose in hopes he’s top-flight material. League One to Prem is a big jump. Does anyone know what his valuation is?

  • Would you rather go 2 mil for Cox or 4-5 mil for someone like Caicedo? There basically the same age. One has top-flight experience and some success in limited chances. The other has had bags of success, but at a lower level.

  • it’s tough. it seems with a lot of the experienced premier leaguers what you see is what you get. with the unproven, there’s a chance they can make the leap… league one’s a ways down though…

  • depends how much of a budget Fayed is prepared to give Roy in the summer as well. I mean if big Al digs deep into his pockets then im more than happy to part with 1-2 mil for him, but if this recession milarky has had an impact on the club or left Harrods in trouble then it could have repercussions on the money we get, seeing as Fulham owes Fayed over 200mill in ‘personal loans’

  • Is it 200 mil? Wow. I remember seeing something that suggested 100 mil, but about 50% of that was unsecured, so we would only be on the hook for around 50 mil if he left.

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