Date: 29th August 2007 at 4:45pm
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It was always a good bet that as the transfer window prepared to slam shut there`d be a few movements out of Craven Cottage!

Unfortunately, I`d hoped that the departure of Liam Rosenior wouldn`t be one of them. Deep down I hoped that Lawrie Sanchez and Liam would get together and get to the crux of the problem that has seen Liam go from hero to zero in the eyes of the managerial team at Craven Cottage.

Last season Liam could do no wrong, he was an ever-present in the Fulham eleven, this season a sighting of Liam on first team duty has been about as often as us winning an away game. Whether it was simply down to the fact that Sanchez didn`t rate Liam or whether there had been some sort of altercation between the two, it`s always hard to accept the sale of a home grown prospect that has come up through the ranks and also managed to reap U21 honours.

The fact that he`s gone to Reading also grates. If I were speaking from the heart, I wouldn`t rate them as superior to us. Sure they might have finished higher than us, they might have a spanking new ground but traditionally we`re viewed as a bigger club. Well that`s what I`m trying to convince myself. In reality and speaking from the head, I`m probably grasping at straws. Reading are where we`d hoped to be, comfortable in the knowledge that Premier League survival isn`t really a worry, content that their ground is almost spanking new and content that they have a manager they are totally at ease with.

Yesterday I ruffled a few feathers with a couple of articles that you, our readership, were quick to pick up on. I`d dare to suggest that I was seriously worried about our Premier League future but in all honesty I was only commenting on the result of the polls. It was implied, that by reading your comments, that you were happy with the style of football we were playing, that Lawrie Sanchez had started to get the team to play more attractive football than we`d seen for a fair while. They were all good points.

This morning my faith in Sanchez remains as I`ve stated before, I`m sat on the fence (in true Trevor Brooking style) mulling over the pro`s and con`s of just where we are. With the news that Liam has departed I`m starting to err towards a negative attitude with regard to Sanchez, I`m not convinced we`re moving forward, swapping Liam Rosenior for Seol Ki-Hyeon hasn`t pacified me!

Your thoughts please!


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  • Has this actually happened yet? I think getting Soel in return is quite good, he’s a class player. Still be very sad to see liam go tho!!

  • Poor, poor move.

    Why on earth would we swap him for Seoul? Liam is much better, he’s younger and he’s English with a bright future.

    I say forget about Seoul, do we need him with Jimmy to come back for Christmas? We have Lee Cook, Dempsey, Bullard, Davis, Smertin, Davies. Diop looks to be leaving, but we are linked with Gravesen & Co. to replace him and Seoul is a winger so why not use Dempsey, Cook, Bullard, Davies out on wings? We also have Bouazza when he gets fit.

    We don’t need more midfield!

    Look at centre backs. Knight has gone, we have Boca who is class then its just Pearce (getting on a bit and bit slow), Christanval (decent, but injury prone and not given a chance by Sanchez), Hughes (have not seen yet, is decent, but we need decent backup for him), Leijer (one for the future).

  • I say its time to ship out the following players:

    Ian Pearce (bring in replacement, but let him go)
    Ahmed Elrich
    Simon Elliott

    Looks like we will lose Rosenior & Diop. If we lose Rsenior we will only have 8 first team defenders (we have Omozusi who looks a decent prospect, but still so young).

  • Seol Ki-Hyeon is actually pretty good I think,but Sanchez seems to be shipping out some of your established players at some crucial positions,although Zat seems to have been pretty average for yez the quality of their replacements are questionable.Yez lost some quality in January aswell.He’s taking a bit of a gamble by changing your defence so much this late into the window.Sounds like a recipe for disaster hope Im wrong for your sakes.

  • I think its good, our defence was aweful last season and now Sanchez has come in a tackeled our problems!! Which Coleman never seemed to do! For a good few seasons Fans have been calling our for new defenders and Coleman never really did!! He brought in Christinval and Quedrue and that was it!! And then we concided 60 goals!! Joint highest amount in the prem history!!!! So Sanchez has come in and tackled this problem and brought in class players in the form of Koncheski (looks bloody awesom), Baird (I think he’s justified being first choice) and hughes (who has yet to play due to injury), leijer is def one for the future but bringing him into the first team set up could only speed up his improvment!! We’ve been linked with Stevanovic and Sammy traore, so lets just wait and see if any of these materialise! I still stand firm on Soel being a great signing, he is class!

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